2008-08-21 / About Town

Sponsors needed for Navy prep school candidates

The 284 members of the Naval Academy Preparatory School (NAPS) class of 2009 began their journey toward the U.S. Naval Academy two weeks ago.

Their 10-month course of instruction will last August through May, emphasizing intense preparation in English composition, mathematics, chemistry, physics, and information technology. They will also be involved in demanding military, physical and character development programs.

The staff at NAPS is looking for volunteer sponsors, both civilian and military members of the community, to provide students the opportunity to experience an informal environment away from the Naval Station while offering mentorship, friendship, and guidance.

Sponsors provide a home away from home during their year at the Prep School. For many midshipman candidates who may be away from home for their first time, sponsorship can make the difference in their success at NAPS. During this time away from the base, these young students are able to mature both personally and socially.

Sponsorship can involve providing transportation, sharing home-cooked meals and allowing privacy for Midshipman Candidates to nap, study, use the telephone, listen to music or watch a video in a private home away from school. Sponsors are invited to sporting events and other activities at the Prep School held throughout the year.

NAPS welcomes active duty volunteers E-7 or above and civilians who live within 25 miles of the Naval Station who can commit their time to the future leaders of the Navy.

Interested persons can apply online at www.usna. edu/naps or contact MMC (SW) William Leikam at 841-4018 during working hours.

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