2008-08-21 / Editorial

The Senior Times

By Charlotte Richardson

Hello to everyone! Summer is quickly fleeting away as it usually does, certainly much faster than any other season. Enjoy and treasure every moment of these beautiful summer days!

We're beginning to see some vegetables from our wonderful Jamestown Community Farm. The just right mixture of sun and rain does wonders for growing things, and there is a need for volunteers to keep up with the quickly growing crops. Thanks to those workers who provide our seniors with fresh, homegrown goodies. We all appreciate them and the hard work it takes to realize them.

Coming up on Sept. 15, the members of Jamestown Senior Citizens' Association (JSCA) will be served their annual KFC picnic at the Fort Getty Pavilion. Anyone who is not already a member is cordially invited to join our association, which strives to bring programs of interest to all seniors. This yearly picnic is always a favorite event. Membership dues are $5 and paid up members are guests of the association at the picnic. If you'd like to join and share your wonderful ideas for programs of interest, please mail your check to JSCA Membership, PO Box 184, Jamestown, RI 02835 and include your name, address and phone number. We have two tiers of membership Regular Membership, for those 60 and over and Associate Membership for those 50 and up and we'll be more than happy to welcome you!

A year or so ago, Vern Stromberg and Walter Boll served as committee leaders to initiate a Scholarship Program and did a great job of it. We had decided that the wide ranges of the medical field with its many areas of service, is very important to all of us as we travel down life's highways and byways, and we did indeed award the first ever JSCA Scholarship to a young woman pursuing a career in nursing. We are initiating repeat of that very successful venture, and to raise the necessary funds, Vern has put together a great bus trip, to see the show "My Fair Lady," at the Granite Theater. The trip includes a lunch with a choice of baked scrod or breast of chicken at Venetian Restaurant. Tickets for this "Discovery Westerly," trip are $59, which includes all taxes and gratuities. You don't have to be a senior to take part. Call Charlotte at 423-1026 to make your reservation and include your choice of the meal. Don't miss out. This is a nice short trip with a great destination. Call now or mail your check to JSCA Trip, PO Box 184, Jamestown, RI. Don't forget to include your meal choice.

This Discover Westerly trip is the first of what we hope will be a series of discovering the beautiful towns and cities that make up the state of Rhode Island. Why not plan to join us for this trip, and help us to decide where to go next? And remember, the Senior Center is air-conditioned, beautifully decorated and handicapped accessible. Why don't you come down and see us some time?

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