2008-08-21 / Letters to the Editor

Jamestown is a great place to raise a child

What I am going to say next is probably going to upset a few people. It is also a great place for teenagers to experiment with alcohol.

There are many great hiding places to share a twelve pack with your buddies. Getting alcohol is even easier, with all the fishermen, tourists, and unlocked refrigerators. Because of the nature of Jamestown businesses, a lot of teenagers work with older people. Hey, that's how we used to get it.

It took a good scare from a good police officer who is now involved in the rec department to set me on the straight and narrow.

Experimentation is a part of growing up—until someone gets hurt. I lost at least three friends in high school to drunk driving. I will never see them again because of alcohol.

Okay, there is the back-story... now let me say this.

Three people given the honor of having the safety of our loved ones placed in their hands rewarded the town of Jamestown by getting drunk on the job. This wasn't a couple kids throwing a house party while their parents were away. This wasn't a couple of kids sneaking beers on the beach. These were lifeguards, who besides drinking, left their posts, left the beach all together and if risking the swimmers lives wasn't enough, these teens hit the trifecta by getting behind the wheel of a car.

So I have to disagree that there are not laws for what happened at the beach. I'm sure Bill Piva or Chief Tighe will correct me if I'm wrong here, but off the top of my head they are 1. public intoxication; 2. reckless endangerment; 3. driving under the influence and 4. outright stupidity.

Those kids drank. They drove. They have to deal with the ramifi- cations of their actions. That's what Jamestown taught me anyway.

Christopher L. Smyth II

Louisville, KY

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