2008-08-21 / Letters to the Editor

Community benefits from golf course input

I found the Aug. 14 edition of the Press to be characteristically cogent and informative. I also found that a number of the articles indirectly elucidated aspects of the recent contentiousness over the management of the Jamestown Golf Course.

The most salient theme of the Aug. 14 edition was community involvement and input, whether it be the Skatefest '08, village zoning, the rules of the road for cyclists and drivers, or ideas about how to address underage drinking.

The emphasis on and, really, celebration of community spirit reminded me of Mr. Plowden's main point: the golf course issue is not about trees and views, but community. Why shouldn't an island of involved residents have more of a say about the management of one of its most splendid features? The present arguments over the golf course will, I trust, yield to constructive civic action.

Charlie Frankenbach

Clinton Avenue

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