2008-08-21 / Letters to the Editor

Remember those who saved the bay

I would like to start out thanking the Travisonos for their letter in the Press relating to the seventeen defendants in the Commerce Oil vs. The Jamestown Protective Association. I have to agree that not many current residents have any knowledge of what transpired back in the 50s when this "Goliath" with all its Wall Street backing came to town. They snowballed everybody except a certain few.

I had the honor to meet all the seventeen and even those opposed to them. They were men of beliefs and principle and stood up and spoke out. This was where Commerce went wrong. Telling a certain few ..."you cannot speak against us"

These men were the founding members of what we know today as Save the Bay. I know my dad, Prescott Froberg, was a modest man and would not want the publicity from this case. I think it would be better if Save The Bay organization could remember them in a Environmental Scholarship in their memory and what it means to "Stand Up and Be Heard".

Kenneth Froberg North Main Road

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