2008-08-28 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

One of the finest teachers in the Jamestown School to squeak a blackboard has retired, but the school's loss is the Turning Pointe's gain. Beth Weibust told us that she is volunteering at the organization, a therapeutic riding program located in Ashaway.

"It is a terrific facility servicing children with disabilities. Funded primarily through grants and donations, Turning Pointe depends heavily on volunteers and donations." Beth gave us a "wish list" of items needed which she will be glad to deliver: toilet paper, paper towels, gas cards (for farm equipment), PVC pipes, seeds and flowers, fly spray (for horses), balls and bean bags, garden objects (for the sensory trail), new leather halters - all sizes, rainbow reins and a mule/working golf cart.

All donations are tax-deductible. Any monetary donations may be sent to Turning Point, 40 Collins Rd., Ashaway, RI 02804. Beth can be reached at 423- 2838.

Still working with kids even in retirement.



"Conanicut the Book," the beautiful publication of island images gathered by Jamestown photographer Coffee Bell is now available at the Conanicut Ship's Store, Jamestown Designs or www.coffeesimages.com. It costs $24.95 and is a must for every island home and as a gift for visitors and former Jamestowners. Coffee said that she created the book "to show my appreciation for the beautiful environment that I call home." She certainly has done that.

*** Oops, we goofed! Marlene Murphy, Debra Vierra Murphy, Kathy W. and Larry Lewis informed us of our errant trivia question. Larry wrote, "Unless I've zigged instead of zagged on your question's intent, I'll bet several readers are joining me in noting your misquoting the famour Inspector Steve Mc- Garrett's (Jack Lord) line from "Hawaii Five-O." It should read, 'Book'em Danno'. The latter, Danny 'Danno' Williams, was played by James MacArthur. Can you believe MacArthur is now 70?"

Larry also came up with two variants on Marlene's question last week about Hey is for horses.

"Hay is for horses And grass is cheaper." and: "Hay is for horses Straw is for cows Milk is for little pigs

And wash for old sows"

Batting a thousand, Larry was the only one to come in with the answer to John A. Murphy's poser. The singing group was "Sha Na Na." Larry said that John needs to make these harder and, "once again, he owes me chowda'n cakes at the Chop!"


O.K. everyone, here's another poser from John. "What was the name of the very 'soulful' group that regularly appeared (for a while, just like all of the ol'Redhead's minions) on the Arthur Godfrey Show?"


Two words that, you know, should be taken out of the, you know, English vocabulary, you know.


B.J. Whitehouse, director of The Men's Chorus of Jamestown, said, "There'll be some very fancy choral-ography to the early '60s rock hit 'Do You Love Me?' where we'll get down and boogie" at the choral group's concert at the Recreation Center Saturday night. The annual endof summer ritual will include a singalong for those who would normally humalong.

B.J. added that the group was 'Tubed' last year and YouTube fans can see the chorus singing "The Longest Time" on You- Tube.Com. The Men's Chorus will sing the Star Spangled Banner at tomorrow night's PawSox game as a warm-up for Saturday night's gig.



Who sang the best rendition of "God Bless America" ever?


Kudos to island artist Jillian Barber who has received two awards from the Katherine Forest Crafts Foundation. "Katmandu," a large ceramic animal, received the Teddy Goberi's Award for Excellence in Ceramics at the Mystic Art Center's 52nd Regional Show. It runs through Sept. 21.

A ceramic portrait mask titled "Tree of Life" received the Alice Clark Hubbard prize in a juried show "Artistic Wanderings" at the Norwich Arts Council Gallery in Norwich, Connecticut that runs through Aug. 30.


You mystery fans who enjoy a good read check out Canadian author Giles Blunt's paperback "By the Time You Read This" and meet Det. John Cardinal.


Our Ohio correspondent and former islander, Phyllis Anderson, sent us a letter in which she noted the passing of former police chief Chet Green.

"When I was in the sixth grade at the Thomas H. Clarke School, I saw him walk into the superintendent's office and wondered who was in trouble as we at that time had very little police trouble. Without giving names I can tell you three young boys from the Baptist Church whose fathers were prominent members, had broken several windows on someone's private property. They were not arrested but had to pay for not only the windows but for the replacements, too. Chet Greene was an imposing figure and all the people of my age gave him a wide berth."

Phyllis said she had been back here for only one day this summer. "How my son managed to get up Narragansett Avenue without hitting a parked car I will never know." She spent some time at the Historical Society's Museum reminiscing over the Jamestown School's memorabilia. She sent us a photo of some of her eighth grade classmates taken in 1938. When she lived on the island her home was next to the museum which at that time was the library.

Thanks, Phyllis, keep in touch.

*** Take it easy on Monday.

*** Be true!


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