2008-08-28 / Editorial


Labor Day heralds the best season of the year

Labor Day has arrived. I find this holiday an odd one. Labor Day has always meant to me that summer is over. The arrival of Labor Day signals that it is time to return to school and go back to work. Crack the books — vacation fun is over.

There is a positive side to Labor Day. This holiday heralds the beginning of a new season — fall. Autumn doesn't officially arrive until Sept. 22, but Labor Day means to me that fall is already here.

Fall transforms Jamestown from a bustling New England summer attraction into a sleepy scenic coastal village. The summer tourists are gone and we've got the streets to ourselves again. It will be easy to find a parking space in front of Jamestown Hardware.

I don't know why, but the weather seems nicer in the fall. The humidity wanes and the air becomes clear. The skies are blue. The waters of Narragansett Bay remain warm long after the hot summer is just a memory.

I believe that fall is the best season for sailing.

When autumn arrives later in September we'll notice that the foliage colors begin to change. The nights are cooler and you'll find it more comfortable wearing a sweater in the daytime.

The days will become noticeably shorter.

Make this Labor Day your final fling of summer. The three-day holiday weekend affords the opportunity for one last family summer outing. Take the kids camping, have a picnic, enjoy a backyard barbeque, or get away for a long weekend cruise.

There are also sights to see. This weekend will be busy on the bay. The Museum of Yachting holds its Classic Yacht Regatta. The antique sailboats will grace the bay. The Conanicut Yacht Club also hosts its 'round the island race, considered to be the oldest continuous yachting event on Narragansett Bay.

We should also take note of the real reason for this early September holiday. Labor Day was conceived as a celebration of the working classes. It used to be that working folk had to fight for fair wages and rights in the workplace.

Today Labor Day has simply become the holiday gateway from one season to the next.

Have a great weekend! Be safe.

— Jeff McDonough

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