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This week in Island history

Week of August 28
Compiled by Sue Maden

100 years ago From the Newport Daily News, August 25, 1908

(At the town council meeting) a driver's license was granted to West & Watson, two bus licenses to Alton Head, and a driver's license to Frank Silvia.

A ghost dance was given at the Casino last evening for the benefit of the public library. There was a good attendance and a fair sum was realized. The disguises worn were rather warm for the evening, but after the unmasking at 10:30 a most enjoyable time was had.

From the Newport Daily News, August 27, 1908

At the ghost dance recently given for the benefi t of the Philomenian Free Library, the sum of $97 was realized. This amount is to be spent for new books or in other ways beneficial to the welfare of the library.

A damper has been put on the summer life of the island by the high northeast wind and rain squalls that have lasted for two days.

From the Newport Daily News, August 29, 1908

A new settlement has quietly been growing up within the limits of Jamestown, without attracting particular attention except from those who take the pretty shore drive to Conanicut Park. It is above Potter's cove on the east side of the island, which is just beyond the outskirts of Jamestown proper, and has been named Narragansett Park by those who have taken up the matter of construction.

75 years ago From the Newport Daily News, August 26, 1933

A large crowd attended the fancy dress ball at the Casino Friday night, which was attractively decorated with code flags and balloons, a large cluster of the latter forming the central ceiling decoration, and were, late in the evening, released, when a terrifi c scramble ensued. Bailey's orchestra of Newport played for dancing.

From the Newport Daily News, August 31, 1933

Superintendent of Schools Bradley will be in his office at the Thomas H. Clarke school Tuesday afternoon and all day Wednesday of next week to issue ferry passes to the Jamestown pupils who are attending high school in Newport.

50 years ago From the Newport Daily News, August 25, 1958

One hundred and fifty attended the second annual field day at the Jamestown Recreation Field under the auspices of the Recreation Board and the direction of Donald Gillis, director. … There were hopscotch, clothespin, three-legged and sack races, hurdles, dashes and high jumps.

From the Newport Daily News, August 28, 1958

The Jamestown School Committee at a special meeting Tuesday night directed all parents of school children be informed, by letter, of what the Jamestown school system is doing to meet the educational trends of today, thereby raising the standards and quality of education.

25 years ago From the Newport Daily News, August 25, 1983

The Zoning Board of Review granted Commerce Oil Refining Corp. a variance to separate one lot into two lots exceeding 3 acres each with 140-foot frontage for each lot on East Shore Road.

Slides were shown at a meeting of the Jamestown Rotary Club of the recent Jamestown Appreciation Day, in which the town reenacted the activities of the USU during World War II.

From the Newport Daily News, August 31, 1983

Some parents and Jamestown School officials are starting to worry about crowded classrooms, the School Committee learned Tuesday night. With a week before the school opens for 1983-84, Principal Phyllis Schmidt said overall enrollment is around 500 children, just about the same as 1982-83. The trouble is the way they are distributed, particularly in junior high grades.

Wooden casings on the Jamestown Bridge are crumbling. But state engineering officials say there is no chance the bridge will collapse since the underlying cement is still strong.

15 years ago From the Jamestown Press, August 26, 1993

A ban on all outdoor uses of town water will go into effect tomorrow at midnight, and anyone violating the restriction faces a $100 fine.

Using a broomstick, an old wooden playpen, Styrofoam insulation, PVC piping, a broken snow shovel, plywood, and soda bottles, contestants had built 44 boats of junkyard materials by 11 a.m. Saturday to race in Jamestown's 16th annual Fools' Rules Regatta.

10 years ago From the Jamestown Press, August 27, 1998

The state Department of Environmental Management has turned in an "amended" mission statement on its Ft. Wetherill Aquatic Resource Center to the Town Council. … With the intent to develop a marine fisheries facility more consistent with public recreational use of the property, as intended in the original deed, the DEM's new plan calls for buildings and site restoration that recognizes "the aesthetic natural site qualities of the Ft. Wetherill area."

Recent discussions to lower Newport Bridge tolls were abruptly halted last week after a new cash-flow analysis was presented at a meeting of the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority.

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