2008-08-28 / Letters to the Editor

Injured cyclist clarifies view

I was disappointed in the article about cyclists and motorists.

I think the title 'who rules the road' insinuates there is a competition between cyclists and motorists for control of the roads we all share. I really wish the article could have portrayed the need for more cooperation between cyclists and motorists. Both cyclists and motorists should do whatever possible to avoid accidents and make the roads safe for everyone.

For cyclists, this means wearing a helmet, staying as far right as possible, using hand signals and stopping at stop signs and lights.

For motorists, this means giving cyclists enough room (not passing too closely), signaling and watching for cyclists.

I think it is very important for drivers to be more aware of cyclists.

In my case, even though I was doing everything right, the driver apparently did not see me and there was an accident. I realize that accidents do happen and that I am extremely fortunate that mine was not worse than it was, however, I think that these types of accidents can be easily avoided.

I was upset that I was so misquoted and misrepresented in the article. I know I hit my head pretty hard but I didn't say many of the quotes in the article. I had hoped that this article would highlight the need for motorists to be aware of cyclists and highlight some of the ways in which motorists and cyclists can share the road, rather than ask 'who rules the road.'

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was at the accident scene for their help and also those who gave me their support during my recovery, it has really meant a great deal to me.

Rachel Wigton


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