2008-08-28 / Letters to the Editor

Setting the record straight on animal call

I would like to take a moment to briefly respond to Mr. Pio Moretti's letter to the editor in the Aug. 21 issue of the Jamestown Press.

First, let me begin by saying my fellow officers and I are very sorry for Mr. Moretti's loss. However, I find it very disturbing that he chose to write such an insulting and false letter about the officers who serve this community.

When adrenaline is rushing and emotions are high it sometimes distorts our memory of traumatic events. Perhaps this is why Mr. Moretti recalls the incident the way he expressed in his letter.

The truth of the matter is that the dispatcher and police officer who handled the 911 calls that day acted professionally, and made numerous attempts to provide guidance over the phone on how to handle the incident. The officer even made arrangements with the Jamestown Animal Clinic for Mr. Moretti, advising them that he was on his way with his dog that had stopped breathing. Mr. Moretti and the others that called on his behalf were told several times that neither police nor fire/EMS had the resources to assist his dog, and that he needed to get the dog to the veterinarian. Yet they still called 911 three times tying up the limited 911 phone lines we have. Luckily, a man who called 911 at the same time because he was having difficulty breathing was able to get through to request the help he needed.

All telephone calls to the police station are recorded. Written logs, including brief reports, are also kept of all calls. All of these written and audio recordings are public record. I encourage anyone who is interested in hearing the truth about what happened that day to come to the police station and hear the recordings for themselves. After listening to the phone calls it is clear that Mr. Moretti's accusations of being treated rudely and being hung up on are completely false.

The police officers of this Town are professional and hard working individuals, and I am proud to be one of them.

Officer Derek Carlino

President International Brotherhood of Police Officers, Local 305

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