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Two candidates square off for state representative seat

Long cites experience at the State House
By Bruce Long

Bruce Long Bruce Long Nearly all of my adult life has been centered around helping others. Government bureaucracy can be overwhelming and I

have worked diligently to make government work for people. Most citizens are hesitant about calling for help, but when they do, it challenges me to see a problem or concern reach a desired outcome.

Over the years, I have learned the facets of state government, and have become a resource not only for my constituents, but for the communities I represent. I have represented Middletown during my tenure, and for the past six years have had the honor and pleasure of being your Representative in Jamestown. I have grown to love the Island.

With your support, I look forward to continuing the leadership role that I hold, and continuing my work on issues important to the community and you. They include the areas of environment, educational opportunities with appropriate funding, sensible development and protection of drinking water, and youth issues of health and safety.

Quality of life in Jamestown and Narragansett Bay go hand in hand. Vigilance is required on the part of the elected officials. Protecting the two, I served on the Board of Directors of the RI Economic Development Corporation. When the container port development project was on our agenda for a vote, I was the lone dissenting vote. Even though the governor was pursuing this as his number one project, I voted against it as a member of his political party. I felt that I did the right thing for Jamestown. I have also voiced my opposition to the proposed Liquefi ed Natural Gas (LNG) facilities, as a result of hearing the voices and concerns of Jamestown residents. I am a strong supporter of renewable energy and have successfully passed legislation to make this a reality.

Listening to Jamestown Shores residents resulted in the passage of legislation requiring DEM to create regulations that would address the density of development in the Shores. Families have lost their well water to contamination. The 'cumulative impact' ISDS regulations will help protect and preserve clean drinking water in the future.

Recently, working with our state senator, public meetings were requested to explain the E-ZPass program prior to its implementation. When we observed that the forums that were conducted by the RI Turnpike and Bridge Authority (RITBA) weren't working as well as we expected, we then requested a public hearing, which will take place next week prior to the RITBA's Board of Director's vote on the E-ZPass rules. We are strongly advocating for discounted rates for locals.

As a parent, I care about what happens in the lives of children, and I feel that they are all our children. I am involved in the underage drinking issue because of the depth and magnitude of the problem. If we can keep alcohol out of the hands of youth until they are 21 years of age, the likelihood of their becoming addicted is greatly reduced. Almost all of us have somehow been affected by the negative impact of alcohol abuse. I have worked with the state and local network of substance abuse prevention coalitions to develop strategies that are proven to reduce the incidence of alcohol abuse by youth in our communities.

I have been working collectively with Jamestown officials, residents, and governmental agencies, such as DEM and DOT, to bring about positive results for Jamestown. Working with our state senator in a bipartisan fashion, Jamestowners can expect accountability and results from state agencies. Collaborative efforts are necessary to solve the problems and reach the best solutions for our community.

I am happily married to Jane Long. We share five children- Christina, Jamie, Jessica, Jonathon, and Timothy. I have been a business owner much of my adult life. For the past twenty years, I have owned and operated a Del's Lemonade franchise in Middletown. Through this venue, I have been able to contribute to the community, through sponsorships and donations to worthy causes.

In my six years representing Jamestown, I have worked tirelessly to listen to your concerns, make government more accessible, and bring real results that benefit the quality of life in Jamestown. With your support, I will continue to work hard for you and make Jamestown a better place to live. Please call me at 423- 0700 with any questions, comments, or concerns.

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