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Two candidates square off for state representative seat

Ruggiero wants to see change from usual
By Deb Ruggiero

Deb Ruggiero Deb Ruggiero While on a neighborhood visit one recent afternoon as I campaigned, a woman welcomed me into her home.

"Hi, I'm Deb Ruggiero," I said. "I live in this district. I'm a homeowner in Jamestown and I'm a Democrat running for State Representative in Jamestown and Middletown." When it came

time to say our good-byes, she turned to me and said, "How refreshing. You seem so nice and you're so smart. Why would you want to do this?"

This single election year experience was one of those "moments in time" over the past several months as I walk doorto door and greet my friends and neighbors that re-energizes me to be more innovative, more forward-thinking, and more reflective on the reasons why I am running to represent the taxpayers and citizens of District 74.

Let me explain why it is so important to me to ask for your vote on Nov. 4 and be elected as your State Representative for the next two years. I am a leader who will act with honesty and integrity; a leader who will be accountable and action oriented; and a long-time resident of Jamestown who cares deeply about our town, our future and the future of our children and grandchildren.

The problems facing us demand a new perspective, a new energy and creative problem solving. Much has changed since 1980 when Ronald Reagan was president and my opponent was first elected to office. After 28 years, it's time for change that moves us forward. I believe I am the leader - not just a liaison - who will deliver a strong and articulate voice on your behalf to the State House.

My life experience has been about getting things done for others. I am an innovative consensus builder who will create legislation to benefit Jamestown and Middletown. I will work to attract and retain jobs, increase tourism, and build environmental economics that the future demands. Twenty-eight years of complacency is enough. We need a fighter and a leader, not someone who just "shows up" everywhere.

Like you, I live on the island. I pay taxes and understand and share the difficulties we face - exploding fuel prices, increased property taxes, and skyrocketing health care costs. But, I see these challenges as our opportunities and the problems as seeds for invention.

My unique leadership qualities stem from the crossroads of my areas of expertise: my work in the media and communications to keep the public informed; my experience as a businesswoman who understands economics; and my work with non-profit organizations that help the least advantaged of us all. I am proud of my legislative efforts as president of the American Lung Association to help pass the smoke-free workplace law.

As I campaign in our town, I am grateful to the citizens of Jamestown and Middletown who take time to discuss issues they care about - like the need to provide discounts to frequent users of the Pell Bridge through the design of a fair E-Z Pass program. I am an advocate for fewer fees and less taxes, not more.

As I go door to door and talk with so many residents, I share my 4 E's Platform —economy, environment, education and elderly. They are all intertwined and at the nexus of our future and a better quality of life. I will provide the road map to success and work tenaciously on the taxpayers' behalf to achieve results.

My discussions with the RI Economic Development department to create wind farms and renewable energy options and advance our biotech and marine industries have already begun to take shape. My plan will create renewable energy options, as well as create 'green collar' jobs to provide excellent wages and careers, and that will boost our local economy as well as the state economy.

Like you, I work hard and pay my taxes. To me, my decision to run for office and be elected as your State Representative is a privilege, not a pre-conceived notion as my opponent may believe. After 28 years, it's time for change that moves us forward… not just an expected outcome to keep "a seat" warm.

Please call me on the island at 423-0444. I am open, accessible, and accountable. You can also email me at DRJamestwn@ aol.com.

I respectfully ask for your vote on Nov. 4.

Democrat Candidate for

State Representative

District 74 Jamestown/Middletown

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