2008-09-11 / Letters to the Editor

Compassion all that's needed

I understand why Derek Carlino, president of the police union, wants to defend his fellow officers as I have been involved with unions for 24 years.

I couldn't have asked for a better officer to have written a rebuttal to my letter. Over the past month many have spoken to me about my experience, and his name has brought negative and derogatory comments for the way he handles situations and his attitude. I do not know Derek Carlino. I've never had trouble with the police here, or anywhere else for that matter. I have trained a few police department dive teams for diving and let me state that I have the utmost respect for the police. Being a police officer is a hard and often thankless job, but it should not have to be this way in Jamestown.

If you take the time to listen to the tapes of Aug. 8 as Derek Carlino suggested, when the tragedy with my dog occurred, you will hear some important things: unprofessional demeanor unpleasant attitude, and incorrect information given by the dispatcher and officer. I stand by this.

This whole incident could have been handled with common sense, compassion and a good attitude. According to Lt. Bill Donovan, they don't teach these attributes in the academy. All I needed to hear were the magic words, "How can I help you?" They were never said. Furthermore, no one from the department, the chief or any other offi- cers, called to console me or to respond to my resentment toward this issue. It was 22 days later that my friend, Lt. Bill Donovan called me upon his return from vacation. I thank him for that call and the meeting we had; it has helped me a lot.

Lt. Donovan explained that even though my call could have been handled more professionally, there was nothing disciplinary he could do. I never intended for the officer to be punished, or fired or anything like that. I don't even want an apology. What I want is change—change in attitude. Maybe I am asking for too much. I have heard from the department that the officer who took my call is leaving the department to go to the Pawtucket Police Department and, "not to worry." That is not what I wanted to hear.

I am a man who will stand up for what he believes in. I believe that the police can have compassion, be nice to people and still do their job.

I think that the public perception of our police department is too negative; and this is a shame. Attitude and perception are everything when it comes to people's lives and our wonderful community. A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst that creates extraordinary results.

This will be the last letter I write about my tragedy as it is all just too negative. I only want my memories of Makogirl to be happy ones.

I wish the Jamestown Police Department no ill will and have no animosity toward any of the officers. I do feel sorry for Derek Carlino and a few other officers who seem mad at the world. I wish I could change the way they see things, but only they are in control of their attitudes and actions. They don't see our island the way that we see it. I understand that for them, this is just the place that they work. It shouldn't be that way.

Again, I thank the wonderful people of Jamestown for their overwhelming support, and I will always try to be there for you.

Pio Moretti Jamestown

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