2008-09-11 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

Ben Roach has had a summer that most kids his age can only dream about. The 11- year-old Jamestown School sixth grader spent the summer catching fish with a rod and reel. Ben accompanied his dad, Robb Roach, on fishing outings off the Ocean State, Massachusetts, Alaska and Puerto Rico. "I love fishing, it's my favorite sport," he said. A picture of Ben and his dad displaying their halibut catch off Alaska appeared in last week's Press.

In local waters, Ben fishes aboard his dad's 26-foot Stella. Robb heads up Kettlebottom Outfi tters and films fishing trips for Kettlebottom Outdoor Pursuits seen weekly on NESN. Ben said he must have boated "at least 100" fish this summer. His greatest thrill was a 7-foot blue shark hooked 48 miles off Massachusetts. Ben fought it for 20 minutes before releasing the 150 pounder. He had his light moments, too. "In Alaska, our rods weren't put together right and the tops would fly off everytime we cast."

Ben took second prize in the Conanicut Yacht Club's Fishing Tournament. Who took first place? His 6-year-old brother, Ethan, with a 22-pound striper. Ben said this was the first year he had gone spear fishing. "I loved it," he said, and explained that he speared tautog off Narragansett. He then went on to detail the differences between a Hawaiian Sling that he used and an ordinary spear gun. He now pursues the fish above and below the water. They no longer can hide from Ben.


It's nice going downtown again. It hasn't changed much since June.


Do they still make sarsaparilla soda?


Mine was perhaps the last phone call Jim Pemantell wanted to get. He had told us on a couple of occasions that the marathon that he was training for would be his last. After all, a man who turned 70 yesterday would want to slow down. But, there he was last week at seven in the morning jogging up North Main Road at the creek.

He gave in and sent us the details, starting his correspondence by writing, "Caught again." He went on to say that the only way he can get in shape and stay there is to train for a marathon. "I started training on May 3 for the Presque Isle Marathon in Erie, Pa. this coming Monday. I was going to do the one I did the last two years in Scranton, Pa. over Columbus Day weekend but we have to go to a wedding in New Hampshire that day."

The retired police chief continued, "My training has gone fairly well although those hot and humid days were tough. Nothing hurts and I am in one piece. I have done eight long runs over 15 miles with the longest being 21 miles. I am looking forward to it but when I get to about mile 22 or so, that might change. I won't run a fast time (those days are gone) but I guarantee I won't be last."

Go for it, Jim.


This whole E-Z Pass thing makes us uneasy. It sounds like it could create all kinds of problems.. If we have to leave the island for something, we'll go over the other bridge to NK.


Hanna was nothing but a big tease.


Shawn Mayers, a board member of the Jamestown Historical Society, told us that the JHS's annual house tour this Saturday, Sept. 13, "really rocks." She said it features Riven Rock (1911) and Onarock (1896). "The homes are both summer 'cottages' of the kind that made Jamestown a summer destination community 100 years ago. Riven Rock is the cottage on the West Passage featured in last summer's blockbuster movie 'Dan in Real Life.' Onarock - built on a ledge above Walcott Avenue - is more formal and imposing. The views from both are spectacular. People can pick up tickets for Saturday's historical society house tour at Baker's through tomorrow afternoon or at the houses on the tour on Saturday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m."


Patty Vandal and Bob Kinder identified William Powell as the Thin Man. Barbara-Ann Mac Intosh elaborated by writing that the Thin Man was a detective played by William Powell and his wife was played by Myrna Loy. They were Nick and Nora Charles. I think they had a little dog but I can't remember the dog's name."



Bob also identified the poser as "There'll Be Some Changes made."

Barbara-Ann added some lyrics:

There'll be a change in the weather and a change in the sea,

And from now on there'll be a change in me,

My walk will be different, my talk and my name,

Nothing about me is gonna be the same,

I'm gonna change my way of livin' and if that ain't enough,

Why than I'll change the way I strut my stuff,

Cuz nobody wants you when you're old and gray,

There'll be some changes made today, there'll be some changes made!

Thanks, guys, there'll be a lot of people singing that one today.


There was a near break-in at Bank/Newport. A customer got mixed up between the accelerator and brake and smashed into the side of the building. A ventilator was damaged and some bricks strewn on the sidewalk. The vault was not compromised.


Football widows will once more have an opportunity to leave the noise of screaming fans coming from your TV's for the relative silence of clinking knitting needles at the Jamestown Library. According to Head Librarian Judith Bell, the program is a drop-in group so bring your own project and needles and yarn. Knitters of all ages meet in the children's room at 1 p.m. "It's a knitting open house so come for an hour or stay for four."


..............and crush it till the petals fall.


With the 70th anniversary of the Great Hurricane of 1938 coming up on the 21st, the Jamestown Philomenian Library and the Jamestown Historical Society have teamed up to produce a videotape of nine islanders who relate their experiences on that day. You can share their memories at the library next Wednesday, Sept.17, at 7 p.m. People interviewed are Alcina Blair, Dee Christman, Roselyn Fraley, Victor Richardson, Donald Richardson, Maxine Clark, Mary Clarke, Mary Jawor, Fred Clarke and Marge Moran. Jane Bentley conducted the interviews.


We all know what happened seven years ago today. Fly your flag in remembrance of the 3,000 innocent souls who lost their lives at the bloody hands of terrorists who attacked our country.

*** Be true!


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