2008-09-25 / About Town

Jamestown museum closes for season

The last chance to see "SCHOOL DAYS!! How Jamestown Taught Its Children," the 2008 summer exhibit at the Jamestown Historical Society museum, is fast approaching. The museum will be open from 1 to 4 p.m. this Saturday and Sunday before closing for the season.

The exhibit traces the history of school education in Jamestown from the colonial period—when home teaching by parents or itinerant schoolmasters was the only option— to the late 20th century. The age of one-room schoolhouses receives special attention because the museum building itself began as a one-room schoolhouse for the primary grades.

Class photos present vivid pictures of the styles of the last century. The high school students took the ferry to Newport until 1969, and ferryboat models and memorabilia recall their adventures.

The museum is operated and maintained by the Jamestown Historical Society, an all-volunteer organization dedicated to preserving, collecting and sharing our island's history. Founded in 1912, the Society also maintains and operates three 18th century historic sites: the Windmill, the Quaker Meetinghouse and the Conanicut Battery in Conanicut Battery Historic Park. All sites are free and open to the public.

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