2008-09-25 / Front Page

E-ZPass put into effect by 4-0 vote

By Adrienne Downing

The Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority voted unanimously Wednesday to install the E-ZPass system on the Pell-Newport Bridge.

The rate for Rhode Island residents will be $0.83 per crossing with a Rhode Island transponder. RITBA officials indicated that the rate may increase after findings from the governor's Blue Ribbon Panel on Transportation are released.

"E-ZPass is not a rate adjustment. It is just another way to pay a toll," RITBA Chairman David Darlington said.

The cash rate will remain at $2 and the out-of state transponder rate will be $1.75.

Residents who owned transponders from other states prior to Sept. 24 will be eligible for up to $25 credited to their Rhode Island E-ZPass account. A credit of $10 will be given for the purchase of one transponder and an additional $15 for the second transponder.

Families may have up to four transponders on one account and businesses are eligible for an unlimited number. The cost for the first transponder is $10. The second transponder will cost $15 and each additional transponder will be $20.95.

A $25 deposit is required for each account, and when the account falls below $10, an addition $15 will be added to keep the account at a $25 level.

For a limited time, token holders may turn in tokens for cash or a credit to their E-ZPass account.

RITBA plans to install the EZPass system, from the inside lanes to the outside lanes, over the course of approximately one month. Token holders may continue to use tokens until the token lanes are replaced with the E-ZPass system.

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