2008-09-25 / Letters to the Editor

Islander seeks donations

My name is Jocelyn Anthony and I am a daughter of Emily and Quentin Anthony of 105 Bayview Drive. I am now living in Rio San Juan, a small city located in the southeastern part of Nicaragua, next to Costa Rica.

I work for the Peace Corps as a community health promoter. Because Rio San Juan is so isolated, public health has been a neglected subject, and there are few existing resources to help educate the people. The resistance to change is overwhelming.

In Dec. 2008, four other Peace Corps volunteers and I will sponsor a youth forum presenting various health topics that threaten Nicaraguan youth of today. Our goal of the youth forum is to teach young people about important sexual and reproductive health topics, train them as youth health promoters and reinforce their self-esteem and self-confi- dence to make healthy lifestyle decisions.

To make the Youth Forum of Rio San Juan possible, we are soliciting monetary funds through a Peace Corps Partnership Proposal. Overrall the project costs $4,394.44. The department is donating 26.27 percent of the project, and we are looking to cover the other 73.73 percent of the Youth Forum through private donations.

To read more on theYouth Forum of Rio San Juan or to make a small donation you can visit the Web site at www.peacecorps.gov.

All of us in Rio San Juan would be sincerely grateful for your generosity, and to my friends and family back home in Jamestown I wish to express thanks for your love and support.

Jocelyn Anthony


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