2008-10-02 / Upcoming Events

Documentary on ticks and Lyme disease to be held at library

The Friends of the Jamestown Library will host Dr. Thomas Mather from the University of Rhode Island's Tick Encounter Resource Center and the film "Hidden in the Leaves" on Thursday, Oct. 23, at 7 p.m.

"Hidden in the Leaves" is a twenty-four minute long documentary that exposes the hidden dangers that ticks present and spotlights strategies to avoid ticks and their diseases.

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Mary Healey Jamiel, "Hidden in the Leaves" is the story of URI entomologist Thomas Mather and his team's efforts to help people see the risks for serious tick-transmitted disease lurking in an increasing number of rural, suburban and even semi-urban landscapes in the eastern United States.

"This film asks the provocative question, 'What do you see when looking out into your backyard?" said Mather. "One infected tick can change your life, and we're trying to get people to think about ticks and to take appropriate action. The first step in deciding to take action against ticks is to help them see all of the places in their yard where ticks are likely to be in abundance."

"Hidden in the Leaves" includes interviews with Polly Murray, the first person to bring Lyme disease to the attention of public health authorities, as well as others who have been affected by the disease. The film also recommends solutions for ridding one's yard of ticks and offers successful strategies for avoiding tick bites.

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