2008-10-09 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

Jamestown lost one of its best last week. I sang and worshipped with John Biddle over the years and it was always a delight to run into him while shopping at McQuade's on Sunday mornings and exchanging light banter. He was one of the kindest, most pleasant and gentlest persons I have ever met. His musical and acting talents were apparent to all who watched him on stage at the annual talent shows.

And, millions have seen another of his talents. On Oct. 23, he will be posthumously inducted into the America's Cup Hall of Fame as "one of the very best at filming and making highly popular presentations during the 30-year 12-meter era."

R.I.P. John, you are missed.


Want to have some Halloween fun? Check your attics, closets and basements for materials to make your own costume. "Green" outfits are encouraged, those made from recycled, renewed, or organic materials. Better still, call a friend and do the project together.

Inspired by the Jamestown Yacht Club's Fools' Rules Regatta and a fashion show at the Rhode Island School of Design, the committee to establish a Jamestown Arts Center will present the "Ghouls Rules Halloween Bash" Saturday, Oct. 25, from 7 to 10 p.m. at the Jamestown Recreation Center. Committee member Kate Petrie says, "Create your own costume, or work as a team with a group of friends or family. Make it fun, make it cheap, make it kooky and make it green. Dress up and strut the catwalk, or come as you are and cheer on your friends as they vie for prizes."

In addition there will be a silent auction, music and dancing. All ages are encouraged to participate and party. Those who plan to take part in the runway show must sign up by Oct. 20.

Those needing inspiration or help will find them both from genius artist of found objects, Tom Deininger, at the Teen Center on Friday, Oct. 17.

The Jamestown Arts Center is dedicated to creating a home for the arts on the island. The JAC will provide arts experiences for all ages, abilities and disciplines. Their goal is to build a place for education, performance, exhibition, mentoring, outreach, rehearsal and an art summer camp for children. Committee members believe that art transforms life.

Tickets for the fund-raiser are available at Baker's Pharmacy, The Secret Garden and Conanicut Ships' Store. Prices are adults $10 and kids under 18, $5. Questions? Call Kate at 423-9684.

As she says, strut your stuff down the catwalk then dance the night away!



This from John A. Murphy, "How to build a bailout fund. Impose confi scatory taxes on all compensation over $1 million paid to executives and directors of the rescued company over the last 10 years. To collect the tax, give the IRS the same powers of seizure and forfeiture that the Drug Enforcement Administration has to combat drug dealers. Simple, elegant, and...just."

It makes too much sense, John.


Jennifer and David Clancy who have a glassblowing shop on North Main Road will take their beautiful glass fish across the bridge to Newport for an exhibit through Oct. 28 at the DeBlois Gallery, 138 Bellevue Ave. The gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 5 p.m.


Can you imagine the state bailing out Twin River when it can't bail itself out.


We've heard this before. Jim Pemantell says his run last month in the Presque Isle Marathon "will probably be the last one." On a hot and humid day Jim came in second in his class "which was like 'the old geezer' group." It was Jim's 43rd marathon and we think it's only a matter of time before we see him jogging up North Main Road in pursuit of a 44th run.

In the meantime, he is organizing a reunion for everyone who ever attended the Carr or Clarke schools. To gauge interest in the event, he's asking former pupils to contact everyone they know who attended the schools and have them call him at 423-1294 or send an e-mail to mandojim@cox.net. Jim said that kindergarten through fourth grades were located in the Carr School on the lot where McQuades Market now stands and the fifth through eighth grades in the Clarke School where the library now is.


We saw our first Christmas commercial on TV Sept. 29.


*** Who was Jack Armstrong?

*** Sunday is Columbus Day but it will be observed on Monday so a lot of people can have a day off. Other than that, there's not much Columbus Day observing going on.


Nancy Logan says that the House of David was a baseball team. "They all had beards. Popular in the 1930s and maybe the 1940s. My Halloween costume one year was as a House of David baseball player." Helen DeTour checked in saying she remembered the name of the team but had the wrong sport. Not bad for a gal who'll be 100 in February.

*** Bob Kinder remembered: "Give me one dozen roses Put my heart in beside them

And send them to the one I love

She'll be glad to recieve them, etc....".

Thanks guys!

*** This poser from B.J. Whitehouse:

"Father McKenzie, wiping the dirt from his hands as he walks from the grave."


With the goal of bringing a message about dating violence to a very vulnerable population, the Friends of the Jamestown Library will host a workship on teens and dating violence next Thursday, Oct.16, at 7 p.m.

The workshop will be presented by the Women's Resource Center of Newport & Bristol Counties. Island teens and parents are urged to attend.

*** Will I get my bailout soon?


Doesn't anyone have information on the demise of earwigs???


The full moon on Tuesday is the Hunter's Moon.

*** Be true!

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