2008-10-09 / News

Soccer results

Week three

U-6 League: Outstanding Players: Stearns Farms, Jack Barry; Well Works, Ben Cowan; Mc- Quade's Market, Carter Velivus; Jamestown Women's Club, Alexandra Sabourin; Murphy's Law, Rileigh Gouveia; Del's Lemonade, Justin Hoderick; Jamestown Rotary Club, Brody Parris; Jamestown Hardware, Charlie Elsworth.

U-8 League: Outstanding Players: Dunder Mifflin, Claudia Pratt and John Schott; Ali's Run, Julia Littlefield and Matthew Masterson; Island Rubbish, Ilse Novis and Aidan Regan; Meredith & Clarke, Justin McCarthy and Sam Pritchard; Trattoria Simpatico, Donovan Martin and Savanna Olsen; Kettlebottom Outfitters, Callum Magarian and Ethan Roach.

U-10 League: Conanicut Marine Services 3, Island Realty 9; Goals Scored: Madison Tregenza, Ian Bryer, Tyler Atwood, Colby Richardson, Jack Westall and Ryan Downing. Outstanding Players: Tyler Atwood and Alison Hartley.

House of Pizza 7, Jamestown Fitness 4; Outstanding Players: Jacob MaGuire, James Lawless, Bailey Thran and Kendra Smith.

Jamestown Animal Clinic 4, Bakers Pharmacy 6; Goals Scored: Ben Carlisle, Evan Kirby, Nick Antonucci, Sophie Primiano and Damien Beecroft. Outstanding Players: Alex Supron, Connor Keelty, Kailin Froberg and Madison Hodrick.

U-12 League: Jamestown Golf Course 4, Central Garage 3; Goals Scored: Tori Dichensheets, Madeline Robinson, Dimitri Varrecchione, Giancarlo Varrecchione, and Charlie Keen. Outstanding Players: Medeline Robinson and Joshua Masterson.

Slice of Heaven 3, Jamestown Boat Yard 5; Goals Scored: Lexi Brayman, Gabe Emert, Travis Willis, Ian Archibald and Milo DiGaspar. Outstanding Players: Sean DeMieri, John Waddinton and Sadie Houseberg.

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