2008-10-16 / News

Jamestown Yacht Club's Fall Series race results

The fifth and final race of the Jamestown Yacht Club's fall series was held on Oct. 5. The results for the race follow:

A Class: 1. Baby Bella, Melges 24, Mark Nannini; 2. Floating Point, Frers 40, Pat Clayton.

B Class: 1. Fast Lane, J/24, Harry and Ann Lane; 2. Blues Eracer, J/22, Louis Mariorenzi; 3. Conundrum, J/22, William and Alice Porter; 4. Lynx, J/29, Dennis Nixon; 5. Luna, Albin Nova, C Brown and S Hakki; 6. Morsmordre, Sporer 30, Nathan Titcomb; 7. Footloose, Pearson Flyer 30, Andrew Yates; 9. Big Taz, J/29, Steve Wood.

C Class: 1. Chairman Arafat, P Electra, Rob Bestoso; 2. Second Wind, Seid 30T, Stephen Parfet; 3. Czech Mate, Seid S29-9, Jan Petr Trousilek; 4. Summer Wind, Scampi 30, Alyn and Delamer.

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