2008-10-30 / Letters to the Editor

Help the children of Uganda with books

On Saturday, the Jamestown Invisible Children Team hosted a screening of the movie "Sunday: The Story of a Displaced Child."

Volunteers from the organization Invisible Children came to the Jamestown Library to speak about the war in Uganda, Africa. For over 23 years a war has raged on in Uganda between the government and a rebel group called the LRA. Because the LRA does not have the support of the people in Uganda, they have resorted to kidnapping children and turning them into soldiers.

Because of this violence, the government of Uganda forced some 1.5 million civilians to move into displacement camps, without adequate food, water or sanitation. It is estimated that 1,000 people die in these camps each week.

Invisible Children is a youthbased organization that is dedicated to ending the war, bringing people home from displacement camps, and rebuilding communities. They provide job, educational support, and advocate for peace talks in Uganda. Jamestown has its own team, based out of the Teen Center, which meets every Monday from 6 to 7 p.m. This group is open to the public, and holds fundraisers to benefit a school in Northern Uganda.

Beginning Friday, October 31, we will be collecting books to send to our partner school in Uganda. Donations are being collected at the Teen Center during operating hours. For more information, contact Debbie at JamestownTeens@ yahoo.com.

Mariel Mastrostefano,

Jamestown Invisible

Children Leader

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