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Carlisle steps down as recreation soccer head

By Stephanie Heelan Cotsonas

Game face Greg Violet is all business as he goes for the ball in the final Jamestown Recreation Soccer game of the season. Photo by Robb Roach Game face Greg Violet is all business as he goes for the ball in the final Jamestown Recreation Soccer game of the season. Photo by Robb Roach After five years at the helm of the Jamestown Soccer Association (JSA) Fall Recreation soccer program, islander Clayton Carlisle will be stepping down.

He speaks highly of the program and looks forward to staying involved as a coach. "The kids love it. Recreation soccer is all about Jamestown. People come in on Saturday mornings and they socialize and their kids play. They have donuts, they run around, and everyone has different colored shirts."

As a co-director for five seasons, Carlisle feels it is his time to pass the torch. "By nature it is transitional. You are in here for four or five years and then your kids move on. You are always looking for other people to come in. You always need the next group to step up," he said.

Carlisle will be replaced by current co-director, Chris Cowan, who will miss working with Carlisle. "Clayton has been the one to really hold all of rec soccer together. He has taken care of registration and the selection of teams and he has pulled all the meetings together. He has the history and he has gotten into a routine where he knows what works and what doesn't. That is why it helps to have him around," Cowan said.

JSA Recreation soccer is a program for all skills and ages from Under-6 to Under-15. "It is not about winning. It is about participating and the kids develop their skills at their own rate," Carlisle said.

He said that after rec some of kids play on the spring competitive travel team, which is also run by the JSA, and some continue on into junior high and high school. "You can jump in at any age and be successful. That's the fun thing about soccer," Carlisle said.

The recreational program is an important part of any soccer program. "If the rec program is successful and you get kids enthused, then the competitive travel program does well." Carlisle also said they consistently have excellent coaches in all age groups and Cowan, Kyle and Steve Froberg have stepped in to maintain the quality of the program. "You always have new kids moving into the program. It is the natural progression."

Having been a coach in the rec league for 20 years, Carlisle will continue coaching his son Ben's team in the fall rec league as well as one of the spring travel teams. "Once the fall season ends it is a relief , but then in the summer you start thinking about soccer again."

Carlisle is also a member of the island's Wind Energy Committee and the rolling agenda which focuses on improvements to the school and school grounds and improvements to the pathways and roads that lead to the schools.

The 2008 JSA Recreation season wrapped up on Saturday with the distribution of trophies to the Under-6 and Under-8 age groups while all the players were treated to team photos and pizza.

The JSA handed out their two sportsmanship awards to one girl and one boy in the Under- 12 group. The Leigha Carlisle Memorial Sportsmanship Award went to Jessy Primiano. The Thomas J. Jacquard Memorial Sportsmanship Award went to Caleb Brown.

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