2008-11-06 / Editorial


A new president for a new direction

A record number of people went to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 4, to vote for president of the United States. We did not have long lines here in Jamestown, but elsewhere many waited to vote. Tuesday was a day we will never forget.

Barack Hussein Obama will be our 44th president. He was elected by a clear majority. Some might even label it a mandate. People are clearly displeased about our nation's present course and want a change in leadership. They are hoping that Obama is the person who can do that.

Obama will take the oath of office in January during troubled times. The new man in the White House will have a big task ahead of him.

Our country is fighting two wars. Our nation's economy is sliding deeper into a recession. Healthcare and social security require an urgent overhaul. Climate change and the environment need our attention now. Our nation's image overseas is tarnished. Our civil liberties must be restored.

We can take a collective deep breath now that the election is over, but soon it will be time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Fixing what needs fixing won't be easy. The job is bigger than one man. We need to pull together in the same direction as one nation to get the job done.

Working together means a united Congress with Republican and Democratic lawmakers reaching across the aisles to mend fences. The same holds true for the legislators in all of our 50 states.

Working together means that people of all skin colors and of all faiths — Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists — must put aside their differences to make this country the place, as the founding fathers imaged, where all are created equal.

— Jeff McDonough

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