2008-11-06 / Front Page

Adult day care center on track to open in spring

By Dylan Paschke

The busy home healthcare agency, Consistent Care, has put their current offices on Clinton Avenue up for sale in an effort to finance the relocation and expansion of their new facility on North Main Road.

Initial approval for the elderlycare facility, currently located at 8 Clinton Ave., took place in January of 2007. Many residents were confused, however, when a "For Sale" sign recently appeared at the site of the new property at 49 North Main Road. It looked to some like the new building wasn't going to happen, but owner Gail Sheahan says that is not the case, and they are just waiting on financing to complete the move.

According to Sheahan, the new facility is "all built and ready to come over in nine trucks" from Pennsylvania. They are considering a few other possibilities for fi- nancing, besides selling the Clinton property, and she hopes to have it open for next spring.

Sheahan said that everything was going well when the funding dropped out. The company ran into the same financing issues that the rest of the country is facing. "We got stuck right in the middle of the spiral spin down," said Sheahan. Those money issues prompted Sheahan to put the property at 8 Clinton Ave. up for sale in order to move to the new location. The sign at the North Main property merely redirects inquires to the other property on Clinton Avenue, she said.

The original plans for 49 North Main Rd. remain almost the same. Consistent Care will relocate the existing offices and services as well as construct a new adult social and medical day-care center.

Sheahan is still committed to the company and to Jamestown.

Consistent Care started in 1991 as a home-based business and today has more than 40 employees making over 11,000 calls to homes in and near Jamestown. The home healthcare company for acute and longterm care provides service from pediatrics to elder care. The new adult day-care facility will provide for elderly patients, especially those who may have Alzheimer's disease. Currently, Sheahan said that business is booming with almost more demand than they have the staff to accommodate.

Gail and her brother Charles Sheahan made the application to construct the new adult day-care center in January of last year. They searched for several years to find a suitable location, finally purchasing the property and house at 49 North Main Road in October 2006. In January 2007, the planning commission approved the development plan ,and the zoning board followed suit with a unanimous vote. The plan underwent minor revisions when wetlands were discovered near the back of the property in April of last year. This caused a slight alteration to the parking plan, but the wetlands will now be incorporated into the planned rock garden and should not affect the rest of the construction. The property is currently zoned for commercial development and the planned construction would not be affected by any zoning changes because of previous approval.

Two new buildings will replace the original house on the lot at 49 North Main Rd. The new modular buildings were constructed in Pennsylvania where they are currently awaiting transport to Rhode Island.

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