2008-11-06 / Letters to the Editor

Ghouls ruled at Halloween bash

The Ghouls Rules Halloween Bash was a success! We raised awareness for the Jamestown Arts Center, showcased the incredible artistic talents of Jamestowners and had a great time doing it! The community center was transformed into a Transylvanian forest, complete with a giant moon, bats, eerie smoke and of course the runway- junkway!

Thank you to all the partiers who packed the Community Center to participate in and see the show, bid on the silent auction, buy raffle tickets and show support and enthusiasm for our cause. The 61 contestants strutted their spook-tacularly ghoulishly green costumes to a cheering crowd!

Thank you to the Jamestown Press, Greer Beecroft of Mansions and Manors, the Cathryn Jamieson Salon, Island Realty, Jamestown Hardware, and Island Rubbish for generously sponsoring our weekly ads in the Jamestown Press and to Cindy Blair for her wonderful graphic designs.

For sound and music, Mark Jenga and Didi Suydam; props, Kerry Sheehan, Dan and Jocelyn Donaghue, and Bennett Hirsch; photography, Caia Diepenbrock; lighting, Jack's Electric; set design and construction, Greer Beecroft, Laurana Medeiros, Kathleen Brown, Dori Hirsch, Vivi Valentine, Mary Beth Murphy and Susanne O'Donnell, Hutch Hutchinson; PR, Barb Hutchison and Dianne Grippi; and catering, Anne Marie Deffl ey, Kerry Cardi, Elisa Conte, Lisa Primiano, Alyce Dwyer, McQuade's Marketplace, Ace's Pizza , House of Pizza, and Ken Newman. Thank you all!

The raffle was a hit thanks to Niki and Matt Thran for their Ski House in Queechee, Vt. for a weekend; Three Golden Apples for the beautiful Konstantin ring and Elizabeth Congdon for her stunning oil painting.

Tom Deininger, Josie Wright, Mary-Beth Murphy, Kim Chandler, Cathryn Jamieson Salon, Arnold Art, Little Bits, Karen Imbriale, Jamestown Designs, Conanicut Marina, Green Envy, Smart Cycle, Chopmist Charlie's, Tricia's Tropi Grill, Theater Family Restaurant, Slice of Heaven, Didi-Suydam Studio, Christina's Bags, Breakell Jewelry, Greer Beecroft, Tom Deininger, Dori and Bennet Hirsch, Pat Tuff, Barb Hutchison, Elizabeth Congdon, The Purple Door Bead Shop and Julia Montminy all gave generously to the silent auction.

And, Green Envy, Dance Essentials, Kristine Trocki, Taste, Matthew Forster, Smart Cycle, Item, Mike Rembijas and the Secret Garden kindly sponsored tables.

Thank you to Bill Piva, Debbie Tungett and the kids at the Teen Center (for making all those bats!), and to Tom Deininger and Martin Keen for generously sharing their artistic genius at the Costume Workshop. Bella Randall, Jessica Brown, Lilli Flour and Tiffany Wolf did a great job pumpkin carving, decorating and spreading the word. We would like to extend very special thanks to our three incredible judges, Donna Gustavsen, head of the R.I.S.D Apparel Design Department, her partner Maurice Griffin, and BJ Dupre of the Armory Revival Company whose task was nigh on impossible!

We were so honored and grateful that Peggy Sue Deaven, Rebecca Libman and Stephanie Burgee, the talented RISD Apparel Design students, graced our junkway at the finale!

And finally, thank you to the entire J.A.C. board; Lizzie Congdon, Jocelyn Donaghue, Dori Hirsch, Barbara Hutchison, Dianne Grippi, for all their hard work over the last few months to make the evening a success. What a team!

Last Monday we presented our proposal to the Town Council to buy the Old Town Hall property on Southwest Avenue. Peter Twombly, of Estes Twombly Architects, had drawn up a beautiful design to convey our vision of the Jamestown Arts Center. It will be an inspiring place for our community to gather and collaborate, whether artist or art lover. It will give a wide range of opportunities to islanders, including employment, outreach, education, internship, mentoring, and, most of all, it will enhance our community's sense of identity and unite us even further! The council was unanimous in their positive feedback!

Kate Petrie President J.A.C

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