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This week in Island history

Week of November 13
Compiled by Sue Maden

100 years ago From the Newport Daily News, November 12, 1908

The big gun practice at Fort Greble today jars the houses on this island quite perceptively, especially those near the west ferry.

From the Newport Daily News, November 13, 1908

A number of poultry keepers in the island have lost some of their fowls recently, one man reporting nearly a hundred of his stolen.

From the Newport Daily News, November 14, 1908

Owing to trouble with her condensing pump, Steamer Beavertail was obliged to lose several trips this morning. Champlin's launch from Newport took her place on the early trips.

75 years ago From the Newport Daily News, November 10, 1933

Monday morning at the Carr school, Dr. Henry Ecroyd will complete the Schick test on the children who were unable to take the previous test given at the school.

From the Newport Daily News, November 14, 1933

The report of the survey of the public schools of Jamestown is now in the hands of the school committee. … Among other recommendations suggested by the commission was a high school for Jamestown. (A table gives the enrollment of pupils for ten years with per cent of enrollment in high school. In 1923-24 there were 55 students in high school and 291 in elementary school, 15.9 per cent in high school; in 1932-23 there were 98 in high school and 268 in elementary school, 26.8 per cent.)

50 years ago From the Newport Daily News, November 12, 1958

The Jamestown School Committee banned the wear- ing of leotard (tights) by school children in classes at its meeting Monday night.

Jamestown's Armistice Day parade yesterday was watched by approximately 300 persons on its route along Narragansett Avenue. Ceremonies concluded with a wreath- laying ceremony at Memorial Square, East Ferry.

The ferryboat Hammonton, which plied the Newport Jamestown run for 27 years from 1931 has been purchased by the Newport Oil Transportation Corp., for conversion into a barge. It will be used to carry coal, under contract, to the Navy's power plant on Goat Island and for other barge purposes (The purchase price was $7,200).

25 years ago From the Newport Daily News, November 9, 1983

(Approval of four bond issues in the state election included one which allows) the state to finance $45 million in highway and bridge improvements, including $18 million as the state's share of the construction cost of a new Jamestown bridge.

The School Committee will market the Jamestown School's new roof to local taxpayers with two main selling points — protecting the investment underneath the roof and making it easier to teach and learn there. The Committee learned … the latest estimate for replacing the roof and lowering and insulating ceilings is $323,312. That is down from the $328,999 estimate made last week.

From the Newport Daily News, November 15, 1983

Denied free passage for its emergency vehicles on the Newport Bridge, the town is looking for ways to charge the bridge operators for police and rescue calls to accidents, jump attempts and other crises on the span.

15 years ago From the Jamestown Press, November 12, 1993

Town water customers can expect to see a sizable increase in their water bills next month when the cost of trucking the emergency water is added to the usual charges.

The emergency pipeline that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will build to bring water to the island (across the Jamestown Bridge) from North Kingstown may be operational by Christmas, if not earlier.

10 years ago From the Jamestown Press, November 12, 1998

The Town Council Monday got a preview of what a building that consolidated Town Hall and all other town offices into one structure might look like.

With one month to go before the state Department of Transportation "buttons up" Southwest Avenue for the winter, some concerns by residents remain, but many residents are satisfied with the responsiveness of the DOT. And one big point of contention — the composition of the sidewalk that will run along the west side of the road — was resolved by the Town Council Monday evening. After much back and forth over the past two months, the Town Council voted to request asphalt for the sidewalk instead of stone dust.

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