2008-11-13 / Editorial


This weekend we've got Broadway in Jamestown

Mary Schachtel Wright and her amazing cast and crew at the Jamestown Community Theatre have put together another winning production. "Song Man, Dance Man" will be on stage at the Jamestown Recreation Center this Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon.

"Song Man, Dance Man" is the creation of Jon Peterson, a veteran Broadway actor and dancer. Wright invited Peterson to perform in Jamestown with the JCT after seeing him on stage in Connecticut.

If you like Broadway music, you'll love this show. "Song Man, Dance Man" is a tribute to the legendary song and dance men whose music we know so well. They include stalwarts such as George M. Cohan, Sammy Davis Jr., Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Anthony Newley and Charles Aznavour.

Peterson is the star of the show, which he wrote, choreographs and directs.

Joining Peterson on stage this weekend are 11 talented Jamestown youngsters who have been practicing the Broadway songs for several weeks. They are Abigail Hirsch, Alexandra Brown, Alexandra Trousilek, Caleb Brown, Damien Beecroft, Dana Larkin, Jan Trousilek, Julia Hirsch, Madeleine Hirsch, Rachel Warner and Sydney Pazera.

JCT veteran Patty Vandal serves as the music director and Walter Sage is the accompanist. The show is produced by Joan McCauley and Mary Wright.

I saw a small portion of the "Song Man, Dance Man" rehearsal Tuesday evening while taking pictures for this issue of the Press. I was impressed by Peterson's voice and his acting talent. I could listen to Peterson sing all evening.

The Jamestown kids were great, too!

This show is a bit unusual for the Jamestown Community Theatre because it does not have the hundreds of participants who are usually involved in a musical production. However, this show promises to be the high caliber, high energy entertainment that we've come to expect from JCT.

This weekend, you'll find Broadway at the Jamestown Recreation Center. Get your tickets at Baker's Pharmacy, the Conanicut Ship's Store, the Secret Garden, Midnight Sun and Pleasant Surprise.

— Jeff McDonough

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