2008-11-13 / Letters to the Editor

Be safe during hunting season

We would like to inform our fellow Jamestown residents that Nov. 8 starts the "official" season of muzzle loading on Jamestown. This hunting season runs through December. After the horrible incident involving "Jackson" the cat, who was shot with a shotgun last month, we all need to be especially vigilant with keeping ourselves and our pets safe.

The Humane Society of Jamestown extends its sincere sympathy to the owners of this beloved pet, and asks that any Jamestown resident who has knowledge of how this happened to please contact the Jamestown police.

It is illegal to discharge a firearm in any other situation other than hunting during the season, and in doing so presents a danger to animals and people alike. During a presentation to the town council several years ago, the DEM acknowledged that almost a third of all deer taken are not reported to them. While the Humane Society of Jamestown will always speak out against hunting, we are not saying that there are not some hunters who follow the rules. But, obviously, there are some that are not and we all need to be aware of this.

So, please be very careful with your pets and yourself when outside this autumn...we do not want to have any of us put in danger. The Humane Society of Jamestown will always promote the humane treatment of all animals that share our island.

Nancy Crawford, President Humane Society of Jamestown

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