2008-11-13 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks for balanced coverage

I wish to extend a sincere thank you to the Jamestown Press for the comprehensive and balanced coverage it did for the now concluded local campaign season. Though my personal campaign for state senate was obviously not victorious, I felt I was fairly treated and covered during what was an extraordinarily busy local campaign season that coincided with the presidential race.

This paper ran several candidate profiles during the course of the campaign. They were comprehensive and balanced and gave the reader a solid insight into each candidate's views and potential approach to the many challenges facing the state right now. The Press also did thorough and consistent reporting on numerous forums and panels featuring candidates throughout the campaign season.

At a time when the dominant statewide and other local newspapers are reducing budgets, staffs and overall coverage of local community news, it is more important than ever that community newspapers continue their commitment to covering and reporting on local elections and town government, both consistently and objectively. Papers like the Jamestown Press play a significant role in our ability as individuals and families to understand and be properly informed about our town and state in general.

I am grateful to live in a community with a local paper which is mindful that all candidates who step forward are entitled to professional treatment, courtesy, and competent coverage by their town newspaper. Hats off to the Press.

Donna Perry


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