2008-11-13 / News

Underwear, socks among items collected by litter team

The Jamestown Youth Litter and Conservation Team reported that they collected more than 700 30-gallon bags of various waste materials over the 2008 summer season.

Between June 24 and Sept. 3, members of the litter team, supervised by Bonnie Jamison, worked two days a week from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

During those sessions the teens, who are between 14 and 16 years old, collected 378.5 bags of refuse. They also collected 310.75 bags of recyclable materials. Some 32 bags of material collected fell into the category of "other." Among these hard-to-categorize items were 32 bags of brush and other natural materials, which were used to make compost at Ft. Getty.

A list of unusual items, also falling into the "other" category, included four bags of fishing line, 32 socks, six tires, 34 shoes, seven fishing poles, 53 pairs of underwear, four knives, one small refrigerator, one recliner chair, 23 pieces of metal, one box of fluorescent bulbs, five skating helmets, 27 shirts and 12 towels, which filled an additional 26 bags.

The teens estimated that they collected 65.57 bags per week for the season.

Assisting Jamison as a teen supervisor was Victoria Ryng, 18. Other members of the 2008 litter team were Sam Baugh, Kevin Flanagan, Ethan Flynn, Morgan Lopes, Nick Lutes, Ben North, Rachel Perry, Jack Romano, Phil Ryng, Will Sheppard and Anthony Will.

The litter team is run under the Jamestown Department of Parks and Recreation.

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