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This week in Island history

Week of November 26
Compiled by Sue Maden

100 years ago From the Newport Daily News, November 24, 1908

(At the town council meeting) a reward of $100 was offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person stealing poultry and notice to that effect posted.

From the Newport Daily News, November 25, 1908

This morning, on the 8:15 trip from here, Steamer Beaver Tail on the run to Newport was delayed by going to the assistance of one of the small torpedo boats used by the government as a ferry to Rose Island.

To allow the crew an opportunity to enjoy their Thanksgiving dinner, the mid-day trips on the ferry will be omitted tomorrow.

From the Newport Daily News, November 27, 1908

Yesterday was one of the quietest Thanksgivings on the island for a number of years, comparatively few either moving about or spending the holiday with others here. The day was very disagreeable, the weather varying from a heavy fog to a light drizzle. There were no services in the churches and no sports, everyone remaining indoors.

75 years ago From the Newport Daily News, November 23, 1933

Advocates of a bridge from Jamestown to Saunderstown have determined on the site, secured an estimated cost of $2,400,000, and referred the proposal, in general, to the state advisory committee … for preliminary study.

From the Newport Daily News, November 24, 1933

At a special meeting of the town council it was voted that the council consider the following projects: A stone wall on the northern boundary of the town cemetery, a stone wall between the town's property and that of Mrs. Jeremiah Allen and the RI Baptist Convention.

From the Daily News, November 27, 1933

The poor of Jamestown are all eligible to participate in the distribution of food at the Public Aid office at the East Ferry. To obtain this it will be necessary to make application for a permit to the pastors of the different churches.

From the Newport Daily News, November 29, 1933

(At a school committee meeting) discussion revealed the fact that high school tuition for the last term amounted to $2,831.25 and that the total for next year would approach $2,850, this, because of the new rated of $135 per year, which goes into effect January 1, and also because of the increased enrollment.

50 years ago From the Newport Daily News, November 25, 1958

The Jamestown Town Council last night voted to ask state Sen. Elect John Lyons and Rep.-elect Fred Caswell to introduce legislation in the General Assembly to advance plans for making Jamestown a yachting center.

From the Newport Daily News, November 29, 1958

Arnold-Zweir Post 22, American Legion, will hold a paper drive tomorrow. People are requested to have their bundles tied and on the sidewalk in front of their homes.

25 years ago From the Newport Daily News, November 29, 1983

The Town Council Monday night denied the renewal of the alcoholic beverage license held by the former operator of the Ferry Boat at East Ferry.

From the Newport Daily News, November 30, 1983

The town will stop using the South Pond Reservoir as the town's main water source because of complaints about discolored water coming into Jamestown's homes.

15 years ago From the Jamestown Press, November 24, 1993

The Champlin Foundation has awarded Jamestown a $75,000 grant to be used for the relocation of the town's ambulance garage. .. Town officials for several years have been considering moving the existing ambulance barn on Knowles Court out of the East Ferry area.

State Department of Transportation officials expect a West Coast consulting firm to pick up the cost of repairing two 40-foot hairline cracks in Pier 1 of the new Jamestown Bridge. … DOT says the cracks occurred in the concrete pier cap because of what T.Y. Lin called a "transposition error" that led to the pier being 6 feet thick at its widest point. DOT maintains it should have been 7 feet thick, as are the other 22 cantilevered piers that support the bridge's deck.

10 years ago From the Jamestown Press, November 25, 1998

A public hearing on the town's proposed zoning ordinance amendment to split open-space properties into two categories, rezoning certain residential properties to open space in the process, drew a lively crowd of over 100 on Monday evening.

The town may exercise its right to buy five properties from the state that were condemned when Route 138 was turned into a four-lane throughway and turn them into affordable housing.

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