2008-11-26 / News


Lawn Avenue School

The Lawn Avenue School announced the honor roll for the first quarter of the 2008-09 school year. Those students named to the roll follow.

Grade 7

Exemplary Performance: Erica Croft, Hollister Bobola, Emma Vogel, Kaela Kennedy, Samuel Hollister, Faith Chadwick, Cristina Evans, Roma Patel, Rebecca Small.

High Performance: Melissa Bershad, Isabel Crabtree, Dana Larkin, Benjamin Lee, Ellissa Barclay de Tolly, Kristjana McCarthy, Brooke Reis.

Notable Performance: Kelsey Cabrera, Madeline Brown, Sarah Hodosh, Audrey Tuttle.

Grade 8

Exemplary Performance: Amina Brown, Rebecca Barchus, Shannah Crowell, Nathan Lambert, Talley Larkin, Molly Sylvia.

High Performance: Molly Sheekey, Connor Downing, Matthew Rafanelli, Alexander Burke, Alexa Geib.

Notable Performance: Kevin McDermott, Vaughn Gooding, Olivia McGowan, Katherine Normand, Rachel Bryer, John Ragland, Victoria Rosa, Eric Stroud, Tyler Woodward.

Prout School

The Prout School in Wakefield announced the first quarter honor roll for the 2008-09 school year.

Jamestown students named to the roll include, from grade 12, Jennifer Thomas. In grade 11, Adele Huffine From grade 10, Hannah Cordes received high honors, and Kevin Flanagan received honors.

In grade 9, Marshall Vigneault received high honors, and Noel LaFlamme received honors.

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