2008-12-04 / Letters to the Editor

Disappointed by recent vandalism

While driving past the town's community center last week, I was surprised and disappointed to notice the vandalism done to the sculpture out front on the brick plaza. Considering this piece of art was generously gifted to the Jamestown community by the sculptor Kay Worden, I'm angered that the town's stewardship of this gift has lapsed to the extent that something like this could happen.

Being a cast bronze sculpture, it could not have been an easy or accidental occurrence. Considerable weight, force and effort must have been intentionally applied to damage the structure as it now appears … one of the rope "arms" of the swing severely bent, along with a length of the opposing rope arm being completely broken off. Somebody worked pretty hard to accomplish this.

I assume the damage was likely done "under cover of darkness" and do also realize this act could be the handiwork of any disrespectful individual or individuals… resident or nonresident. I can only hope it was not perpetrated by any of Jamestown's teens, … after the town has so generously provided them with a place to gather and socialize.

While I'm sure the town carries insurance to cover the expenses to repair the sculpture, it nonetheless saddens me realize that there has been such a flagrant lack of respect for this piece of art and community property. It simply represents another example of the tax dollars of the many good people of Jamestown having to be anted up to compensate for the inexcusable behavior of a few, whoever they are.

Let's hope the Jamestown police will investigate and can determine who did this and hold them legally and financially accountable.

Kevin A. Somerville


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