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Ocean Essence Spa under new ownership

By Eileen M. Daly

New Ocean Essence Spa owner Kimberly Gregorzek prepares for her open house on Saturday to welcome new clients to the spa. New Ocean Essence Spa owner Kimberly Gregorzek prepares for her open house on Saturday to welcome new clients to the spa. The winds of change are blowing at Ocean Essence Spa and Therapeutic Massage on Narragansett Avenue. Kimberly Gregorzek, the new owner and a licensed massage therapist, is looking forward to bringing the health benefi ts of therapeutic massage to the spa experience.

"As a full time massage therapist, I see therapeutic massage as a quality of life issue," Gregorzek said. She has been practicing therapeutic massage for seven years and has seen how the benefits of massage can be life changing. "So many people deal with chronic pain, especially neck and back pain," Gregorzek said, "They may have difficulty just turning their head or standing for any length of time. Therapeutic massage can help to alleviate that pain and improve their quality of life." Gregorzek also works with people who have chronic or severe illness. "Massage therapy can be really comforting for people who are experiencing severe illness," Gregorzek said.

There will be an open house Saturday from 1 to 5 p.m. to showcase the facility.

Gregorzek recently moved to Rhode Island from Connecticut after purchasing the spa. "I fell in love with Jamestown," Gregorzek said. "In some ways, it reminds me of the town I came from in Connecticut. It's a small community where people are able to form close trusting relationships," Gregorzek said. She emphasized the fact that the establishment of trusting relationships is an important aspect of her work. "Massage therapy is an intimate experience. People have to trust the therapist with their bodies, trust that they'll be taken care of. It is really important that they feel comfortable and confident in the therapist's ability," Gregorzek said.

Gregorzek will offer several different massage experiences at her facility. She is careful to point out that every massage offered will, in fact, be a custom massage. "If someone is looking for a traditional relaxing massage, but at the same time they have shoulder or neck pain, I will customize the massage so that they receive an all-over relaxing Swedish massage combined with deep tissue work on whatever area is troubling them," Gregorzek said. In addition to the traditional Swedish massages and deep tissue massages, Gregorzek said she will also offer specialty massages such as a sports massage, including range of motion and stretching segments, at the customer's request. A favorite specialty massage is the maternity massage. "Maternity massage is one of my favorites," Gregorzek said. "Moms-to-be are positioned while mom gets some relief from those aching muscles. Pregnancy puts a lot of strain on a woman's muscles and on her feet. Massage is really helpful for relieving the strain of pregnancy on the body," Gregorzek said.

The spa will also offer traditional spa services including, facials, manicures and pedicures on natural nails only, waxing, body treatments, body scrubs and body masks. "All of my spa personnel are committed to making every customer's experience a positive one," Gregorzek said. "It's all about the client here."

Although the open house will be held this Saturday, the grand opening of the spa is scheduled for Jan. 5, Gregorzek said. "I will be spending the month of December here in the spa. We'll be selling gift certificates and preparing for the grand opening." Gregorzek hopes the open house will allow her and her staff to meet and greet customers who are interested in the spa experience. "We'll be serving wine and hors d'oeuvres," Gregorzek said. "There will be a drawing for a free one-hour massage and anyone who purchases a gift certificate for $50 or more will receive a $10 gift certificate for themselves."

"I am really looking forward to meeting everyone on Saturday and letting them get to know all of us here at Ocean Essence," Gregorzek said.

Ocean Essence Spa and Therapeutic Massage is located at 123b Narragansett Avenue. Call 423- 9830 for appointments and more information.

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