2008-12-11 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

At Christmas time, Jametown Postmaster Charlie Burns intercepts letters to Santa and sends them by very special delivery to the North Pole so they can be answered in time for Christmas. Some arrived at the Post Office last week. Here is a sampling. (Note: spelling and grammar have not been altered from the original).

Dear Santa,

For Christmass I would like, 5 Transformers, a tool set, one Space Shuttle, An Alien, Snow, A Dinosaur, A toy car, Scooby Movies, Trucks, A Shouvel for my back yard, make it plastic, 3 Space Men, A Remote Control Dog, new shoes!, A Kyk, And there is one more thing I would like, Ginger bread cookies

Thank you a lot!


PS. New gloves would be nice too.

Dear Santa,

MAJOR - I pod, the Simpsons season 11 and a mini refridgerator. MINOR - I pod skin (blue), I tunes gift card, and naruto manga book vol. 30, 31

Sincerely, Thomas

Dear Santa

I would like a nerf gun with incradeible scope. And 3 tech decks. And a remote control vehicle. And some bakujans.

I was super this year.

From Cam. T.

The letter included a drawing of Santa in his sleigh with lots of HO! HO! HO!s.


One of the highlights of this weekend's "Fall into Winter" concerts by the Jamestown Community Chorus is a Thanksgiving number arranged by its music director BJ Whitehouse.

Jessica Wilson told us that "The Landing of the Pilgrims" is at the midpoint of the program and "is sung at 'forte', or 'very loud', and the general tone is heroic and celebratory. There will be no mistaking which song it is! Chorus members at rehearsals seem to enjoy singing it at full volume and the sopranos have a descant which adds an extra layer of feeling."

The performances at the Central Baptist Church will be Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 3 p.m. The concerts will also highlight the debut of the Jamestown Community Youth Chorus.



Mia Bunaes, 4, would like to have a train set for Christmas.


In response to our question of what was the name of the bar behind the original Bay View Hotel, Ed Silvia, whose grandparents owned the hotel from 1942 to 1965, wrote to say that the name of the bar was Manny's Tavern. "Prior to that it was called The Bay View Bar and Grille and just inside the door was a sign that read 'Chat and Chew.' Fran Rembijas and Bill and Luann Botelho had the correct answer, with the Botelhos adding that it was owned by Eddie Morinho's father. Rod Smith cannot remember a bar there, but has great memories of the hotel bar and drinks on the "wonderful porch."

Thanks, guys!


Ben Turenne, 5, is hoping for a bow and arrow Christmas morning.


Pete Drury reported that his grandson, Christian Tiexiera, was chosen by the Division III soccer coaches to the all-tournament soccer team. He plays for the Prout School. Although they lost to North Smithfield in the semifi nals 4-3, Christian scored one of the goals. He also scored a goal in his team's 3-0 quarter final victory. And, he's only a sophomore.

Great job, Christian!


Former islander Phyllis Anderson called us from Ohio on Dec. 1 to answer our query about the ferry boats. She said that on that day she had become a great-greatgrandmother with the birth of her great-great-grandson Austin in Omaha, Nebraska. She said that the name Austin has been in the family for 13 generations and he is the 61st member of the current family.


Rose Farley called with memories of the ferries and their three toots.

*** Jacob Gillis, 11, would like a Yankee cap for Christmas.

Islander Coffee Bell's "Conanicut the book" is the perfect gift for present and former Jamestowners. It can be purchased at Jamestown Designs as can Coffee's beautiful cards.


Zach Theisen, 7, will be looking under the tree for a Transformer and a Venom Muscle car.


Barbara-Ann Mac Intosh and Bob Kinder had the poser right.

You were meant for me, and I was meant for you,

Nature patterned you and when she was done,

You were all the sweet things rolled up in one.


Ken Lombardo, who identifi ed himself as an "old" TV fan, weighed in with some comments. He said that it was KAOS and not C.H.A.O.S that was CONTROL's enemy in "Get Smart." He went on to say the enemy of U.N.C.L.E was T.H.R.U.S.H. He said it is an acronym for Technological Hierarchy for the Removal of Undesirables and the Subjugation of Humanity.

However, our son, Keith, who chastised me for spreading untruths said it means Thieves, Hoodlums, and Renegades United to Smash the Hemispheres.


Percussionist and former islander, Aaron Cote, wrote that he plans to be at the Jamestown library Dec. 28 at 3 p.m. with his group "The Band Called Music." They will play the evening of Jan. 3 at AS220 in Providence.

Welcome home, Aaron.


Troop 1 Boy Scouts will have a Court of Honor and Christmas party tonight at 7 at the Senior Center.


The Jamestown Lions Club is having its annual fund-raiser and is a very worthy group to contribute to particularly this time of year. The organization of 36 men and women has provided aid to islanders in need of eye operations, to purchase eye glasses, provide materials for handicap ramps, made gifts to island churches, supported local scouts and sports leagues and provided assistance to community projects and residents in need. Write your check out to the Jamestown Lions Club and send it to P.O. Box 316, Jamestown, 02835.


Call in your stuff for this column to 423-0383 or 829-2760 or e-mail us at jtnwalrus@hotmail.com.

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