2008-12-11 / Letters to the Editor

Many helped with Christmas tree

I would like to thank all of the many Jamestowners who helped this year with the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.

For all the wonderful cheer for the caroling adults and the simple joy on the faces of the hundreds of children attending, we would like to thank the Jamestown School Tree Lighting Band, the Jamestown Chorus, our wonderful bakeries, Slice of Heaven and the Village Hearth, Conanicut Marine, the Jamestown Junior Women's Club, the Jamestown Chamber of Commerce, the Lions Club, Jamestown Boy Scout Troop 1 and the Jamestown Recreation Department. Sorry if I forgot anyone!

Below is a short list of those community spirited folks who once again helped us ring in this joyous season: Rick Anderson, Jim Archibald, John Baldwin, Camille Baker, Colette Baker, Melissa Barry, John Bellion, Victor Calabretta, Doug Chapman, Gilda Codilla, Doriana Carella, Andrea Colognese, Ann Deffley, Blake Dickinson, Rob Dunn, Tim Dwyer, Steve Froberg, Pres Froberg, Mike Jorge, Andrew Kallfelz, Karyn Kaufmann, Winston Knight, Steve Liebhauser, Maria Liebhauser, Bill Munger, Andrew Rushton, Don Ostander, Nate Nordstrom, Kerrin Suvari, Kate Safford, Janet Smith, and Jim Traer. Merry Christmas to all.

Mark Baker


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