2008-12-11 / News


A thunderstorm is a mixture of violent weather conditions that come together during a storm. Before a thunderstorm, the sky is as dark as an unlit room, and thunder growls like a lion in the distance. Lightening flashes like a dim flashlight on the horizon. People sometimes even notice the moisture in the dark air. During a violent thunderstorm, heavy rain drums down like nails on the rooftop. What would a thunderstorm be without thunder? The bright, crackling lightning cuts through the sky like scissors on paper and can be observed from a safe distance. Remember, all a thunderstorm is is just a mixture of

violent weather conditions.

Owen Baertlein, Grade 6

Editor's note: Truman Christie's thunderstorm story appeared under Owen's name in the November 13 edition of the press. Here is the correct story.

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