2008-12-18 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

Dear Santa I have been a very good boy this year. I would appreciate some of these things. Some Legos, Nutcrackers and the 2008 Hess truck. I would also like some nerf guns and RCs, and surprises.

Sincerely, Jackson H.


Dear Santa,

for Christmas I would like a lots of art sullaplies, a cow, fake cocroches. if my Dad did not get me a spy kit i would like a spy kit, shocking gum, and last but not least a big thank you from ME111

if I am not putting enof effort in school tell my Dad and I will try a lot better.

Have the best Christmas ever! Bryn L HO! HO! HO!


Surprisingly no takers on when "White Christmas" was introduced. If my memory serves me right, it was sung by Bing Crosby in the movie "Holiday Inn."


Emily Van Gelder, 8, is hoping Santa will leave her American Girl doll outfits.


Always a delight to receive a holiday card from Conanicut Marine Services Inc. This year it features a pencil drawing by Evelyn Rhodes of a J-105 being eased into one of the company's work bays at Taylor Point.

*** Bianca Melucci, 8, would like a Barbie doll for Christmas.

Lotsa hugs please for Dot Norton who was 75 yesterday.


Christmas activities also include the quadrupeds that share our homes. Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic offers tips to make the season a happy one for all.

"The best advice for the holiday season is to pet proof your home, your decorations, and your yard because pets are notorious for doing things they shouldn't do. Make sure that your decorations, candles, and anything toxic (like chocolates and nuts) are well out of reach of your pets. Please dispose of or store any food items well out of the way of your pets. "Holiday hams, family dinners, gingerbread houses, and more are all delicious treats that any pet would be hard pressed to ignore. Eating these things can certainly result in a trip to the veterinarian's office for you and your pet. As the weather turns colder, try to use pet safe de-icing salts and be sure to clean your pets snowy feet off when they come into the house. Be very careful about any spilled anti-freeze and immediately clean up any spills because even a small amount is toxic to our family pets. Be safe, be happy, and have a great holiday!"


Anaya Del Larosa, 3, will be looking for a baby doll in a "blanklet" under her tree.

*** Baker's Pharmacy wasn't always located across from the firehouse. At one time it was at another location on Narragansett Avenue with a satellite store off the island. What were the locations?


Pede Manchester checked in confirming that Manny's Tavern was behind the old Bay View.


Share the spirit of the season by contributing items to Rhode Island armed forces members serving overseas. A collection basket is located in BankNewport and donations are welcomed through Jan. 3.

Requested items, in their original packaging, are hand-made or store bought cards, individually packaged snacks (no chocolate), travel size toiletries, puzzle books, playing cards, paperbacks, magazines, writing paper, envelopes, pens, music CDs, movie DVDs, coffee, tea, powdered drink mix, spices, seasoning, Tabasco sauce, sunblock, insect repellent and white socks.

Unacceptable gifts are religious items, pork products, aerosols, and anything that will melt.

Kudos to the sponsors of the program: OceanPoint Insurance Agency Inc., American Legion Post 18 and BankNewport.


Finn Gaudreau, 5, is hoping for a Pokemon game from old St. Nick.


While sitting on your chair at the hair stylist, have you ever wondered how many others before you have sat in the seat? No? Neither have we!

But, Cathryn Jamieson, owner of the Cathryn Jamieson Salon, has. She just installed two new stylist chairs and with the aid of her bookkeeper is figuring out a close count of how many clients occupied the old chairs for the past 10 years.

How many do you think? Stay tuned for more lowdown on the Great Butt Slide contest during which you guess the number of clients. It will run through the month of January.


.........don't know where, don't know when......


Many TV commercials are downright bewildering. Their messages are often lost in their design or attempts to be different at the expense of losing their original intent. One of the most irritating messages, however, is very clear. It tells us to forget financial obligations to our government. If you owe the IRS hundreds of thousands of dollars, don't worry about it. The CUS Company (Cheat Uncle Sam) will arrange for you to pay only a fraction of what you owe.

Now, if you owe that much money you must make a heckuva lot of it. Pay what you owe, just like the rest of us.


With all the anticipation of Christmas there is a lot of nervous energy to be burned off. The Friends of the Jamestown Library will help on Sunday with games, food and film in the library from 2:30 to 4:15 Sunday afternoon. Children of all ages are invited to watch seasonal videos, make cookie trees and decorations for home, and enjoy a potluck feast. In the spirit of giving, children are asked to bring one non-perishable food item to donate to the St. Mark food pantry.

Register at the front desk and let the staff know what you'll be bringing for the feast, or call 423- 7280.



In case you haven't heard there are no Rhode Island schools included in the U.S. News & World Reports list of the 100 Top America's Best High Schools. In fact, of the 56 high schools in the Ocean State, only three were awarded gold or silver medals and seven bronze medals.

What the heck, throw some more money at it.


A Snapple cap moment: Before mercury, brandy was used to fill thermometers.


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