2008-12-18 / About Town

Tricia's Tropigrille closed after oil spill

Tricia's Tropigrille restaurant remains closed today after a corroded oil tank spilled oil on the basement floor of the building housing the restaurant.

According to Jamestown Fire Marshall Howie Tighe, the fire department responded to an oil spill call at approximately 3 p.m. on Tuesday and found that an abandoned oil tank had rotted at the bottom, releasing the oil that remained inside the tank.

"The town has a very good hazardous materials response in place," Tighe said. "Because the spill was more than five gallons and at a restaurant, the department of environmental management and the health department were called in as well."

The tank has been unused, but undrained, since the restaurant converted to gas approximately seven years ago.

The Jamestown Public Works department checked catch basins on Wednesday morning and found no evidence that the oil had gone into either the town's water or sewer systems. No other buildings in the area were affected or had to be closed, Tighe said.

The restaurant will remain closed until the cleanup efforts are finished and the fire marshall and health department verify no traces of the oil or vapors remain in the building and it is safe to turn the heating system back on.

"We actually go into the building with a gas meter to make sure there is no chance of explosion before the heating system is turned back on," Tighe said. "But, obviously we want to get it taken care of as quickly as is safe so the pipes in the building do not freeze."

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