2008-12-18 / Letters to the Editor

Ironic letter draws response

I read with a great deal of interest Mr. Willis' letter in last week's edition of the Jamestown Press. I find it interesting that Mr. Willis is so concerned about raising taxes and suggests that monies could be spent by cutting in areas referred to as "Sacred Cows."

Well, one area that the town has overspent hundreds of thousands of dollars on is the capping of the landfill. Certain individuals at the north end have consistently thrown roadblocks in the way of the town's efforts to cap it. If Mr. Willis and his neighbors are willing to let the town proceed in capping the landfill as originally planned we could reduce the town's budget this year by as much as $500,000. The landfill closure: now that's a "Sacred Cow" that many in this community would be glad to slaughter.

In addition, again I am a little surprised at Mr. Willis' concern that the town offi- cials make sure that we keep our expenditures to a minimum or better still, cut them. We are now in the construction stage of building a new DPW facility. This process has taken years to reach this final stage. Individuals who served on the Council, who I am quite sure Mr. Willis is very familiar with, were instrumental in delaying the process and then championed the idea of building a DPW that originally was $2 million more than the present facility now under construction.

The idea of running a multi-million dollar corporation (and that is what Jamestown is) with the operational mentality of "use it up, wear it out, throw it away and than do without," does nothing more then cost the town more money in the long run. Can you imagine successful business operations— say at this time of year like a UPS or Fed Ex using up their trucks, wearing them out, throwing them away and then doing without. That's "no way to run a railroad." However, in these very difficult financial times the Town Administrator, the Town Council and particularly the School Committee and the superintendent have to approach this year's budget process with very sharp pencils.

William Kelly Jamestown Town


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