2008-12-18 / Letters to the Editor

Environmental awareness at school

In the past couple of weeks, Mr. Avedisian of North Kingstown High School has invited several environmentally-aware members of our local community to come and talk to my classmates and me. These helpful, educated persons have given my current issues class many ideas that could further improve our school and make it a greener place.

Ideas like Biodiesel for our heating system and school buses, decomposable lunch trays, and the possibility of having a windmill built to power the school. These are all very good ideas that could easily be done.

B20 is a drop in replacement for diesel, it is the same cost as diesel, and it is even known to be more fuel efficient. The decomposable trays are a little more expensive, but that should not be a problem due to the fact that North Kingstown has a budget of $100,000 to spend on environmentally-friendly items. These funds were received for last year's recycling efforts.

Not only could this be a green improvement for North Kingstown High School, Jamestown could utilize the same resources to be a greener place as well. Biodiesel, I think, is very economical, nothing needs to be changed to use it, and it is a local product that even comes from our pizza places. Why not?

Amanda Romano


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