2008-12-24 / Editorial


It's Christmas Eve and I know that you've got your hands quite full at the moment. You're busy packing the big red sleigh, carb-loading the reindeer and making sure that those little guys with the pointy ears haven't forgotten anything. Mrs. Claus is scurrying about, fretting over the hot chocolate she's making for you to take along on your whirlwind global flight.

If you haven't yet checked the weather forecast, I'd recommend you harness the red-nosed Rudolph on lead as the skies may be gnarly tonight.

We're more than ready for Christmas. This year all is white — and icy — here in Jamestown. The island's festive decorations are wonderful. The colorful lights do bolster one's holiday spirit.

I know it is a bit late to be writing you this annual letter, but I've got just a few simple requests on my Christmas list.

Please remember all the many volunteers who make this island work so well. Here in Jamestown we are powered by the people, from the town's boards and commissions to the church groups, service clubs and civic organizations. They are the folks who get things done. You could also do something nice for all the town's employees who do their jobs so well.

This Christmas just leave large lumps of coal in the stockings of our 21st Century version of the robber barons. You'll find them lining their pockets on Wall Street and beyond. They are the ones who are responsible for our nation's prevailing economic disaster. Their greed is costing us all and it is high time that we stop rewarding them.

Pay special attention to those men and women who are spending their holidays far away from home in the service of this country. And don't forget about their loved ones at home.

Oh, and one more thing. Please give the economy a giant boot in the rear just to get things moving along again. Maybe next year you could send the elves down here to do some local shopping. Those Internet stores are great, but they do not employ islanders, pay local taxes or contribute anything to the well-being of our community.

That's my two cents for the season, Santa. Have a safe journey. Merry Christmas to all!

— Jeff McDonough

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