2008-12-31 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

New Year resolutions:

Keep a positive attitude - Marlene Murphy

Provide more items of convenience for my customers - Ilesh Patel

Quit smoking - Johnna Jamieson

Start a walking program - Andrea Sherry

Slow down and get some sleep - Karen Gorden

Be at peace with life - Dr. Durga Larkin

Get back in shape - Cathryn Jamieson

Find more time to volunteer - Amy Krainin

To continue not smoking (been off them for 7 weeks) - Scott Sherman

Spend more time with the family - Trish O'Brien

Peace and happiness for all - Mike DeVito

To get in shape to get in shape(cq) - Jim Pemantell

To save money - Katrina Westall

Stay within my budget - Paula Noll

Quit smoking - Sam Albaugh


Larry Lewis came through with the answer to who starred in the movie "Christmas in Connecticut." "The 1945 screwball comedy about a woman and her fabricated life starred Barbara Stanwyck, Dennis Morgan and Sydney Greenstreet. It's filled with great one-liners, like, 'Nobody needs a mink coat but the mink'."

Thanks, Larry.


The RI Festival Chorus, which includes the Men' Chorus of Jamestown and the Jamestown Community Chorus, is holding a rolling raffle that will end on Jan. 10. A tax-deductible donation of $20 will make contributors eligible for eight chances at prizes of $50, $500 and a grand prize of $1,000. The first drawing will be on Jan. 10 and the grand prize drawing on March 14.

The Festival Chorus is planning its third event, entitled RISingsIII in September in Providence. Questions about the raffle? Call B.J. Whitehouse at 423-1574 or e-mail at bwhitehouse2@cox.net.


...........then we fell in with a preacher......


Pig Newton is in Florida again. This time for four weeks. Pig is a 19-year-old male Vietnamese pot belly pig who resides with Bill and Lois Cone on Hamilton Avenue and goes where they go. The 55-pound quadruped makes frequent trips south. Lois told us Saturday that her husband was at that time driving Pig down and that the animal "loves it in Florida. He sits by the pool and thinks. The climate is similar to that of Southeast Asia."

Actually Pig belongs to their daughter Jennifer but lives year round with the senior Cones. Lois said the Pig is really her "grandpig." The pet lives on vegetables and fruit and sleeps on polar fleece only, no wool. When we spoke to Lois she said she has been wiping off snout marks on the refrigerator. "He knows where the food is," she said.

He also knows how to live a pig's life.


Tania Biddle, Kathy Tiexiera, Brenda Ratcliff and Anna Templeton Cotill identified The Jamestown Press office as the place that once housed the telephone company. Anna said that when her mother called from Philadelphia and Anna wasn't home she would ask the operator to help locate her. And, she would.

Alice Cooney Erdmann wrote that she used to be one of the telephone operators on Jamestown and now lives in Exeter. Carol Fuquea of Coventry e-mailed that when she moved to Jamestown in 1962 you had to have the operator place your call. "You would pick up the receiver, the operator would come on and ask what number you were calling and then she would dial it for you."

Jim Pemantell related how on one very hot and humid August night shortly after he joined the police department he was checking doors on Narragansett Avenue after the bars had closed. The telephone company's door was unlocked and he saw nobody in the room. When he went in he heard a loud whirring noise coming from a fan in the back room. He shouted out but nobody answered so he went to the back room. In that humid, before-air conditioning night the operator tried to beat the heat by stripping down to her undergarments while she worked the switchboard. Jim apologized and made a hasty retreat.

Thanks guys!


Where was Westall's Ice Cream shop?


A Snapple cap moment: One brow wrinkle is the result of 200,000 frowns.

*** Be true!


We wish you a happy and healthy new year!!


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