2008-12-31 / Editorial

Have you made your New Year's resolutions?


It is on the eve of the new year that we traditionally pledge our resolutions. This is a time of retrospection; we resolve to do better and bid farewell to the old ways.

We always have the best intentions. We may decide that we need to lose weight or possibly quit smoking. In fact, shedding pounds and giving up tobacco are probably the two resolutions most often made — and broken.

We humans certainly have our foibles. We have been celebrating the new year for some 4,000 years now, historians say, and it seems that we've been constantly pledging some sort of self-improvement. The practice began with the ancient Babylonians. Their custom was to return something that had been borrowed during the year. They must have borrowed a lot of things.

At about the same time, the Chinese started their new year's observances, complete with colorful and noisy fireworks. (Remember, the Chinese invented gunpowder!) The ancient Chinese were commonly fond of pledging to clean up their homes as their resolution for the new year. Makes one wonder what the homes looked like during the rest of the year.

The ancient Romans liked to forgive their enemies at the new year, which is easy to do when one is building an empire and have pounded the opposition into submission.

What is your resolution for the new year? We have a suggestion, a simple resolution that should be easy for everyone to keep.

Here it is: shop and buy locally in 2009. Keep your hard-earned dollars in the community where they will do the most good for you and everyone else.

When you buy local, you are helping to maintain a strong, sustainable local economy. The local merchants employ your neighbors and friends, pay local taxes and make contributions to local organizations.

Here at the Jamestown Press, we hope that you buy from our advertisers who make this weekly newspaper possible. We appreciate when you let our advertisers know that you see their advertisments in the Jamestown Press!

May you and your loved ones have a safe, happy and prosperous new year!

— Jeff McDonough

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