2008-12-31 / Letters to the Editor

Concerts a seasonal success

On behalf of the Jamestown Community Chorus, I am writing to thank everyone who helped make our recent concert season such a success.

Our thanks and appreciation goes to everyone at the Jamestown Press, with special thanks to Dylan Paschke for a wonderful article, and the Walrus, for keeping our activities in the public eye.

We thank the Secret Garden, Baker's Pharmacy and Jamestown Hardware for selling advance concert tickets, and we thank everyone who bought a ticket and attended the concerts.

Thank you to the Central Baptist Church for our rehearsal space; ticket staff Tim Yentsch, Agnes Filkins, and Kathy Karl; all the businesses (way too numerous to name) who placed ads in our program; Jim Perry, our sound man; Lynn Normand for designing the poster; and all our singers, both in the Youth Chorus and the Adult Chorus.

We look forward to our spring concert for which rehearsals will start on Jan. 12, at 7 p.m. at the Central Baptist Church. In the meantime, we wish everyone in the Jamestown community a very happy holiday season! Jessica Wilson Jamestown Community Chorus

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