2009-01-08 / Front Page

Town seeks federal aid for improvement project

By Sam Bari

The Town Council will hold a special meeting on Monday, Jan. 12 to discuss the application for federal funds to help finance the downtown improvement project.

Town Administrator Bruce Keiser announced at the Jan. 5 Town Council meeting that the state Department of Administration has askedall Rhode Island communities to provide updates on the transportation improvement projects that are listed with the Department of Transportation.

Keiser said that the purpose of the update is to help DOT prepare for the potential of receiving a substantial portion of an anticipated $100 million dollar economic stimulus package from the federal government.

Keiser said he plans on discussing the matter with Public Works Director Steve Goslee because the Downtown Improvement Project, which is eligible for federal assistance, is one of the town's top priorities to fund this year.

In other business, the council voted unanimously approved a resolution supporting the General Assembly legislation regarding the Jamestown Volunteer Fire Department members property tax relief.

A letter from Matthew F. Clarke recommending noise ordinance exemption for emergency situations was unanimously accepted by the panel. However, after discussing the matter, the consensus was to not follow the recommendation because the number of complaints concerning the matter did not warrant additional legislation.

The council voted unanimously to re-appoint Harbor Commission members Michael de Angeli, Andrew Kallfelz and Susan Little for three-year terms, and Wendy Waller to fill the vacant riparian property resident seat for a oneyear

term. Richard Boren and Thomas Ginnerty were both unanimously approved for re-appointment to the Zoning Board of Review for five-year terms, and Dean Wagner, Richard Cribb and Richard Alphin were unanimously approved for re-appointment for one-year terms.

The council voted unanimously to form a new Town Charter Review Committee consisting of seven voting members and one Town Council liaison. The council approved Susan Little, David Long, Jerry McIntyre, Sav Rebecchi, Michael Schnack, Robert A. Ullrich, and Daniel H. Wright, with Town Council President Julio Di Giando as the Town Council liaison for the first meeting.

Christine Tanner was approved unanimously to fill the vacant seat on the Affordable Housing Committee for a two-year term from 2009 to 2011.

Jim Turenne was unanimously approved for a three-year re-appointment to the Water Resource Protection Committee, leaving one seat vacant due to the resignation of Mary Brennan.

After lengthy discussion, the council voted to discharge the following committees because they were no longer active: The Neighborhood Advisory Committee, the Wildlife Committee, and the Water Study Committee.

The future of the Water Resources Protection Committee and the Traffic Commission will be an agenda item at the next council meeting. The town clerk said she would provide statistics and information on both groups concerning the frequency of their meetings and productivity.

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