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This week in Island history

Week of January 8
Compiled by Sue Maden

The news of 10 and 15 years ago is from the Jamestown Press. The news of 100 years ago came from the collection of the Newport Historical Society.

100 years ago From the Newport Daily News, January 4, 1909

Codfish are being caught by the trawlers in the east bay but not yet in sufficient quantity that is profitable at the prevailing price of about a cent a pound.

From the Newport Daily News, January 8, 1909

Messers Marshall and Gamache are outfitting auxiliary catboat Birdie which the former recently purchased at Block Island, to be used for codfishing.

75 years ago From the Newport Daily News, January 1, 1934

Commencing Tuesday hot lunches will be served each noon at the Thomas H. Clarke school to the children unable to go to their homes during the noon hour. Others wishing hot soup or cocoa will be served for the small sum of five cents. Mrs. Edwin Conant will prepare the lunch, with Anne Drury as dietician.

From the Newport Daily News, January 2, 1934

The dance at the Grange hall and Holy Ghost hall were well attended on New Year's eve.

While digging a trench recently in the front yard at the Carr homestead in Carr's lane, the oldest house on the island, a cannon ball, nine inches in circumference, and imbedded over two feet in the ground, and badly rusted, was dug up by one of the workmen. It is supposed that the ball was fired by one of the British ships, anchored in the harbor, during the war of the Revolution, at which time many houses in Jamestown were fired upon and burned by the British.

From the Newport Daily News, January 3, 1934

(At the town council meeting) A. A. Boone reported progress made on the cemetery project and removing the hedge between Central Baptist church and town property, both included in the new unemployment program now under way. … The following petition, assigned by residents of the town was received, reported, and placed on file: "We hereby respectfully petition the Honorable Town Council to take the proper steps to secure the necessary Federal aid in order that all unemployed men may receive a like share of work to the end that hire may be an equal and equitable distribution of employment in Jamestown."

From the Newport Daily News, January 6, 1934

(At a business meeting of the Republican Club) the committee on the ping pong table reported that the material for the table had been donated by some of the members and the table had been built by W. L. Arnold and will be ready for use in a short time.

50 years ago From the Newport Daily News, January 3, 1959

The Narragansett Bay Home Owners Assn. Inc., opposing the establishment of a refinery in Jamestown, said today it believed an agreement between the Com- merce Oil Refining Corp. and the Gulf Oil Corp. had been terminated.

From the Newport Daily News, January 5, 1959

The Commerce Oil Refining Corp. was permanently restrained by a federal court today from building its multi-million dollar refinery in Jamestown. … Commerce appeared so certain that the refinery would be constructed that it purchased about 700 acres in Jamestown, plus fresh water rights in North Kingstown. Total land cost to the corporation is understood to have been about $1,000,000.

From the Newport Daily News, January 6, 1959

(headline) Refinery Opponents Hail Judge's Decision; Commerce Official Says Appeal Planned

25 years ago From the Newport Daily News, January 1, 1984

The temperature hovered at above 30 degrees as about 200 Penguins went to Mackerel Cove Beach in Jamestown at noon on New Year's Day.

From the Newport Daily News, January 5, 1984

Voters Wednesday night at a special financial town meeting voted 128 to 101 to buy into the regional landfill facility at Rose Hill in South Kingstown.

From the Newport Daily News, January 9, 1959

Two residents believe that last week's special financial town meeting, where voters decided to participate in the South Kingstown landfill, was conducted improperly. (They will speak at the next town council meeting.) … Each town resident using the landfill will have to pay a $1 user fee.

From the Newport Daily News, January 10, 1984

"One Hundred Years on Narragansett Avenue" will be this year's theme of the Jamestown Appreciation Day Committee's celebration on May 5.

15 years ago From the Jamestown Press, January 7, 1994

The School Committee in a special meeting Wednesday voted 4-0 to approve a 1994-95 budget that is projected to raise spending by an unofficial figure of 11 percent over the current $4.1 million.

The temporary pipeline that will bring drinking water to the island from North Kingstown will be operational by the middle of next week.

(The three top stories of 1993 were the water crisis; construction of the $23 million cross-island highway which got into full swing, it had been halted by a federal judge when a coalition of environmental groups made claims about federal laws; and a lawsuit that temporarily stopped the town from building a ball field at the corner of Eldred Avenue and East Shore Road.)

An estimated 450 hardy individuals participated in the 18th annual Penguin Plunge to greet the New Year and benefit the Rhode Island Special Olympics.

10 years ago From the Jamestown Press, January 7, 1999

(The school superintendent) said that the spending plan for 1999- 2000 will total $6.2 million. Some 47 percent of it is in salaries, 14 percent is in benefits and 35 percent is in purchase services like the bus contract and high school tuition.

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