2009-01-08 / Letters to the Editor

51 species sighted in winter bird count

The annual Conanicut Island Bird Count was held on Saturday, Jan. 3.

Participation was down, as were the birds, most likely due to the cold, windy weather (25-35 degrees with winds gusting to 40 mph).

The total species tally was 51. Notable sightings included an American Pipit, a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker and a Snow Goose. The most abundant species were the American Robin and Canada Goose.

Species also in significant numbers included Bufflehead, Mallard, and Herring Gull. Birds seen within the bird count week but not on the actual count day were Great horned Owl, Kildeer, Belted Kingfisher and Fox Sparrow.

Field observers were Wayne Munns, Dick Boenning, Evelyn Rhodes, Ed Long, Brian Halloran, Candy and Chris Powell. Reporting from home were Gail Chase and Tom Weaver.

Please report interesting winter bird sightings to Candy Powell at 423-1492, or Evelyn Rhodes at 423-1254. Please note there will be a Spring Bird Count in May. Candy Powell Jamestown

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