2009-01-22 / Letters to the Editor

Station renovations are unnecessary

This letter is in regards to article written in the Dec. 24, 2008 edition of the Jamestown Press, titled, "Council approves $400K police station design.î

I feel it very unnecessary for this sum of money to go towards renovating the police station. Town Architect William Burgin said, ìThe basic renovations include expanding the men's and women's locker rooms, adding offices and an administrative filing area, renovated bathrooms, and the addition of 12 parking spaces.î Burgin also said, ìOptions included repainting the exterior, replacing carpet and vinyl flooring, as well as replacing the flat roof.î

These renovations do not seem vital to the departmentís overall structure. It would be a different story if the roof was leaking or the walls were unstable. The money being used for the renovation could be going towards other things to benefit the entire community.

Another concern of mine is the number of officers in Jamestown. There is absolutely no need for the town and its taxpayers to pay for fifteen officers, especially since its nine square miles. Its not like Jamestown has a lot of criminals or violence. Kaan Kurt Jamestown

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